Tips and Examples of Writing Different Essay and Speech Outlines!


Do you know how to create a compelling essay outline? Well, it’s the first step to delivering a persuasive class presentation. It will help you to draw the full attention of your audience as you explain your key points in the subject. Most importantly, it will guide you in organizing your thoughts and assist you in making sure that all your subject’s bases are fully covered. Here, we are going to discuss the crucial factors when writing an essay outline. We will look at several essay outline tools and prompts. They include:
  • An Outline for your informative speech project
  • Persuasive speech essay outline
  • A framework for your argumentative speech
  • A simple outline for a research paper
  • A generic speech outline

An Outline for Your Informative Speech!

You will come across different types of outline for an informative speech. This is because many follow different writing objectives and purposes. So, apart from the more common informative speech paper outlines, other significant types include:
  • Outlines for informative essays
  • Informative presentation paper outlines
  • However, regardless of the informative paper that’s before you, the necessary components do not change. They all require a creatively written introduction, and main body not forgetting a unique conclusion.

The Introduction:

Here, you will need to grab the full attention of your audience. It’s the section where you come up with a clearly written thesis statement and make your credibility towards the subject clear. You should also provide a preview of all that’s to come as you slowly transition into the main body.

The Main Body:

This is the part where you offer the readers with supporting facts as well as sub-points explaining your key ideas. Give your audience a smooth transition as you move from one key point to the other.

The Conclusion:

  • It’s the indication that you’ve come to the end of your paper. Remember to restate your thesis statement and provide a strong, captivating ending as you wrap things up.
  • Once you’ve clearly understood the basic format, the next step is mastering the specific differences in the kind of informative outline that you’re required to write. For instance, a normal speech outline might include visual aids and notations used to emphasize pauses or even gestures. Such details are not always necessary when writing an outline for informative essays.

Things to Keep in Mind When Writing Different Outlines for Informative Speech

Have a Chronological Order of Thoughts

All informative speeches or essays use specific patterns of organization, explaining the steps in the manner in which you intend to deliver them. The introduction has a clear and compelling thesis statement, and the main body has 3 key points with at least 4 sub-points in each.

Make Use of Phrases When Writing an Informative Process Speech or Essay Outline

These types of speeches follow the topical approach instead of the chronological order. It relies heavily on phrases as compared to full sentences. This outline suits those who are confident in their speech writing capabilities or those writing a small speech. It will, however, require you to use visual aids in your introduction as well as a proper transition from one central point to the other.

A Complete Sentence Essay Outline

If you want to tell people how to cook a special meal, then this is the type of outline that you should be thinking about. Its introduction has a labeled anecdote, which is followed by a smooth transition between the main sections in the body. Also, since it’s a word document, you can easily replace the content while still maintaining the basic outline format.

The Organization Essay Outline’s Topical Pattern

This is one of the most commonly used formats for writing organization speeches. It’s meant to show the efficient use of internal transitions as well as summaries between different sections to provide a seamless transition for each.

How to Write an Outline for Your Event Informative Speech

Here, you should have a credible and attention, grabbing thesis statement plus smooth transitions as you explain each point in the main body. It uses complete sentences with the central idea forming the thesis statement. Furthermore, it guides you on how you should develop your main points in the main body. For example, start with your broad idea, follow it up with its supporting statement and lastly, provide the audience with specific details about it.

Writing an Informative Outline Speech on Concept Subjects

These types of speeches are entirely subjective. They are mainly used to bring up the conformity concept, for instance, when discussing the different factors which influence the success of restaurants.

Persuasive Speeches or Essay Outline

Persuasive papers or speeches are usually presentations which follow a specific objective. They are meant to convince people to take up a given point of discussion. Furthermore, they convince audiences to perform concrete action on the subject matter. You’ll, therefore, require a structure to assist you in organizing your ideas. The strongest persuasive speech format ensures that you don’t deviate from your key points by giving you time to present your best facts first.

Basic Concepts to Remember When Writing Outlines for Persuasive Speeches

First, you should carefully think about the subject or topic you intend to use for your speech. Is it of interest, not only to you but also your readers? If you feel it’s not, then change it before you proceed. Now, just like informative presentations, persuasive speeches vary depending on their requirements. For instance, you might be tasked to write a persuasive speech outline with specific formatting guidelines. That’s why it’s essential for you to confirm the details of your project with your lecturer or instructor.

The Main Outline Sections for Your Persuasive Paper

A basic persuasive structure follows 4 main sections. These include your introduction, body and concluding paragraphs. You’ll also need to have a section listing all cited sources. Introduction: Always start with a compelling sentence to capture the full attention of your audience. Here, you could use questions, quotes or even exciting facts. Follow that up by writing at least 2 statements to help those reading to understand the topic. As you close your introduction, come up with a clear thesis showing your presentation’s primary objective. The Speech Body: This section’s length is entirely dependent on your assignment’s requirements. However, we feel it’s wiser to come up with as many body paragraphs as possible filled with ideas supporting and explaining your thesis. Arrange them in a properly thought and deliberated sequence. For instance, every idea needs to follow a given point of research, and have examples which support each claim. They should also have refutations disregarding all opposing arguments. Conclusion: Remind the audience about your thesis by carefully restating it and provide them with a simple summary of the ideas explained in your speech. Convince them further to accept the concepts mentioned in your presentation then conclude with a powerful call-to-action. Source Citation: This is the final and the most crucial part of your presentation. It’s where you’re expected to cite all sources showing the facts of your research.

Example Outlines for Persuasive Speeches

Here are helpful examples of captivating persuasive speech outlines. They cover a vast range of formats and exciting topics. They are the best sources of reference to guide your creative work and to ensure that you’re on track.

A Structure for General Persuasive Speeches

This project contains 3 simple topics. There’s the fact-associated, value-added, and policy speech. If you have not been given a given subject to cover, it’s essential to choose the one that you’re most comfortable tackling.

A Cosmetic Surgery Outline

Just like other speech introductions, here, you should present an attention-grabbing statement, mention some background facts on the subject, and come up with a catchy thesis. In the body, explain at least 3 critical points followed by at least three other supportive pieces of evidence for each. Keep your conclusion simple by summarizing all the ideas you’ve discussed in the body. It should emphasize the entire message and conclude with a well-thought statement of action.

The Problem-Solution Outline or Format

Here’s a unique example structure of a persuasive paper or speech. Why? Well, it requires that you develop transitional paragraphs in the body, guided by point checklists. This is where you’re expected to mention the issue or problem, talk about its existence and significance. Also, show the dangers it poses. As you move into the transitional paragraphs of your speech, discuss feasible solutions, and explain why you think they will work. Ask yourself, “Are they desirable or practical?”

Persuasive Paper Outlines for High School Learners

After developing your title and stating its objectives of the paper, the introduction part of these speeches follow the principles and guidelines of other persuasive paper outlines. It has a hook for capturing people’s interests and a thesis. The body will require you to develop 3 facts supporting the thesis and 3 examples for additional support. Here, a well-written transition statement is also essential. In your conclusion, wrap things up by summarizing all the critical issues in your speech, and provide your audience with a memorable ending.

The Ban on Guns Speech Structure

This is maybe the most issues being discussed in schools today. It’s meant to educate, inform and reduce the growing rise of shootings in schools. So, in your introduction, provide your readers with 2 queries to grab their full attention. Include 3 different sections in the body and state different sub-points. Remember to include a brief list of all the sources or references cited after the conclusion.

The Organ Donation Speech Structure

The increasing need for different organ donors makes this topic outline example quite accessible in colleges and many universities across the globe. In the first part, grab the interests of your audience using a powerful starting statement, preview all the points you wish to discuss, and conclude by stating your thesis. In your body paragraphs, come up with at least 3 main points with as many supportive sub-headings as possible. As you wrap up, the speech should have a summary as well as a summary statement. It’s also wise to include a call-to-action to trigger remarks and responses from your audience.

Assault Weapons Example Outline

While this topic might appear somewhat strange, it follows the basic concepts of persuasive speeches. However, across every section, develop examples supporting your main idea and wrap things up with a powerful conclusion.

A Persuasive Speech on Milk Structure

If you’re asked to talk about the different advantages and disadvantages of taking milk, here are the key details that should appear in your paper:
  • The subject matter
  • Attention steps
  • Need steps
  • Propositions
  • Purposes
  • visualization steps
  • Action procedures
  • References

Persuasive Speech Structure on Chronic Homelessness

The introduction section of these papers starts with questions and attention steps meant to trigger the interests of those reading or listening to your speech. They are then followed by different statements summarizing the issue at hand. In the body, you’ll be required to develop and explain at least 4 main ideas and provide five solution steps later. The conclusion then has visualization and action steps.

Renewable Energy Persuasive Paper Outline

Here is another unique speech. Before you start writing the introduction, you’ll first have to list your topic, the objectives of your speech and its thesis. Now, at the opening, start by grabbing the interests of your readers with a great hook, preview all main points of discussion, remember to restate the thesis and finish with a sentence providing a transition into the main body.

Outline for Your Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are not as simple as they appear. They can be quite challenging to discuss each aspect while still maintaining a level-headed point-of-view. That’s why it’s crucial to first come up with a thorough structure of all your pieces of evidence and claims to ensure that you reasonably defend yourself. Bellow, we’re going to carefully look at all the critical sections in this type of project. Furthermore, we will go through 11 sample outlines to help you write a compelling and engaging argument.

The Structure of Writing Argumentative Speeches or Essays

In every argumentative paper, all sections take up a crucial role in the presentation of your arguments. From coming up with a compelling speech argument to discrediting other opposing arguments, having an outline is the ultimate roadmap for your paper. So, to make sure that you achieve all these objectives here’s what you need to include: The Introduction Although the opening section of your argumentative speech needs to be brief, it will have to follow a specific structure. Ensure that it has at least three elements geared at grabbing the interests of your readers. It also needs to compel them to continue reading your speech. The Hook - This is usually a fact, statistic or quote that’s meant to make your audience think more about the subject of discussion. Background details or information - Mention a few facts about what you intend to include in your speech. Who does the topic concern? Why is it essential to society? The Thesis Statement - This sentence appears as you close the introduction. It can take up one or two lines establishing your position on the topic. It further helps your readers to understand the purpose of the speech. Argument Development: In this section of your essay, come up with claims supported by credible evidence to develop your point-of-view. The applications improve the effectiveness and validity of your main argument. The pieces of evidence provide supportive facts compelling your audience to adopt your point of view. They are based on quotes, studies, and critical facts. Discredit Opposing Argument: You need to talk about both aspects of your argument to convince those reading or listening to your speech to take up your position. So, state all counter arguments then provide credible claims debunking them. The Conclusion: Just like the first part of your speech, your conclusion should also be brief and highly captivating. Here, carefully restate the thesis and give at least 2 sentences summarizing the paper. Lastly, provide your readers with a warning or consequences that could happen if they fail to adapt to your point-of-view.

Examples of Popular Argumentative Speech Outlines

Are you searching for catchy outlines to inspire your writing and creative process? Take a look at these necessary tools:

An Abortion Argumentative Paper Outline

Abortion is a pressing, societal issue which continues to trouble even the greatest minds. So, if you want to present an argumentative paper discussing the advantages of legalizing abortion, structure your essay like this:
  • In your introduction include a strong thesis statement
  • 9 thoroughly discussed sub-topics marked using Roman numbers
  • Have a conclusion

An Argumentative Speech Outline on the Death Penalty

Here is an issue that’s quite polarizing making it a suitable topic for discussion. It follows the basic structure mentioned above (Introduction, argument development, and refutation plus a brief conclusion). It will assist you in presenting your ideas, rebuttals, and claims for your argumentative paper.

An Outline for Argumentative Speeches on Illegal Immigration

As illegal immigrants continue to flock foreign countries in search of a better life, governments like that of the United States have decided to take stun action against them. Outline your argumentative paper to help your audiences in understanding this growing concern. Have an in-depth structure supporting pieces of evidence as well as claims on the dangers posed by illegal immigrants.

A Simple Outline of an Argumentative Speech

An Amelia Earhart Elementary institution argumentative paper outline explains the simple structure of such essays. The structure contains fantastic elementary paper topics like:
  • The importance of school uniforms
  • Use of technological devices in classrooms
  • The value of homework in improving the learning process

Classic Structure of an Argumentative Speech or Paper

If you want to write an essay on cosmetic surgery, child labor or the effects of corporal punishment, then this outline from the Valencia College is the perfect guide. It carefully mentions all the necessary parts of an argumentative paper including claims with compelling shreds of evidence.

A Mesa Community College Template

Here is a remarkable fill-in-the-blank structure template that will assist you in developing your topical ideas. It has attention magnets, provides solutions to the issue at hand and suitable reasons to support your position or claim. It will further help you in the brainstorming of ideas while still keeping your essay well-structured. This template will also guide you in developing thesis statements on critical subjects such as:
  • Capital punishment
  • Gun control
  • Effects of solitary confinement

The Washington University Argumentative Speech Outline

This structure takes an in-depth approach to help you structure sentences for every paragraph in the introduction, main body, and conclusion. It’s particularly useful when presenting arguments on topics such as the effects of animal testing, drug-testing for high school and college athletes as well as the consequences of the continued exposure to violent video games.

The George Brown College Example Template

Here’s a visual outline to guide you in properly planning and presenting your arguments. It lays down four sample structures to assist you in testing your argument’s possibilities. Most importantly, it will help you when it comes to discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the subject in question.

Research Paper or Speech Outline

When it comes to writing any research paper, you’ll need to remember a few essential things. First, it’s as important as the actual experiment or research. Second, it’s maybe the most challenging school projects. You will also be required to write either an MLA or APA-style research paper. Therefore, it’s essential to understand all the requirements before you even come up with an outline. Even so, most follow this simple structure. The introduction - this section states the objective of the project and its aims The Literature review - This is basically the foundation of the speech. It explains the research direction Methodology section - Which methods did you use to gather the evidence stated? Here, include field research points and work schedules. Survey Results and Analysis of Data - A good chunk of the raw data collected from the field are mentioned in this section. For a seamless speech, we feel it’s better if you arrange them in tables and figures. Result discussions - Explain the reliability of your results, and the errors in your research Conclusions and Recommendations - Here’s where you summarize all your findings and provide your audience with actionable solutions.

Examples of Credible Research-Based Speech Structures

If you’re still stuck, these sample research papers will assist you in getting started. They will also provide you with a clear picture of the complete ‘product.’

A Research Paper or Speech on the Life and Times of Barack Obama

The former United States President is a popular political figure and a well-celebrated hero among the black community citizens of America. To craft, an inspiring speech about him, develop the outline that will give you enough room to explain your main point, and relevant subtopics with credible pieces of evidence and claims. You could even use Roman numbers here to guide your speech.

The Cost of Healthcare Research-Based Speech

This research project seeks to find the relationship between the increasing costs of healthcare and the low level of education. It’s particularly useful for long research speeches. However, ensure that you have all the strategies and recommendations before you start working on the essay. They’ll assist you in putting together all background details, context or introduction, thesis, major and minor shreds of evidence or claims as well as a definite conclusion.

Ashford University’s Obesity Research-Based Speech or Paper

This speech talks about the causes of obesity and the reasons why modern governments need to act fast to solve this growing issue. It has an introduction, 2 body paragraphs, plus a short reference section.

Safeguarding Federal Wetlands Paper

This Georgia Tech Library project is one of the best MLA types of research paper that we’ve come across. It discusses the importance of protecting our federal wetlands. It uses Roman numeral on the main headings and other alternating numerals for the supporting headlines. It has a well-stated thesis, and 4 thoroughly explained points. It also has enough room for those minor research ideas.

A Research Paper Structure on Women’s Rights

This essential paper structure discusses the importance of safeguarding the rights and freedoms of women. It contains 7 correctly discussed points indicated using Roman numerals. Other alternate figures and letters are used on the sub-headings.

Gun Control Research Paper Structure

Here is a Ken State University which discusses the importance of gun control. It’s another remarkable structure of an essential research-based speech. It contains detailed facts as well as pieces of evidence mentioning differences between formal and informal use of guns.

Asbestos Poisoning Research-Based Essay Outline

While many tend often take the effects and causes of asbestos for granted, this speech outline explains the dangers and offers suitable treatment solutions. It defines asbestos poisoning, explains the relevance of the study in the introductory paragraphs. Its body explains the different symptoms and treatment solutions in 3 separate sections. The conclusion provides a summary on every point of research and provides actionable recommendations.

Effects and Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease

Here is another APA structured paper that’s highly informative. It has 5 main headings, numerous subheadings, a well-written conclusion and an entire page section containing all cited sources. It’s one of the best templates of a standard APA formatted research paper.

Abortion Research-Based Essay Structure

This paper by Massachusetts MIT discusses the advantages of legalizing and legalized abortion. It’s a well-structured outline with enough room for the thesis; 9 key headings indicated using Roman numbers and a brief but clear conclusion.

Psychology Speech Outline

This paper comes in PDF format and explains various concepts when it comes to social influence and prejudice. It has well-written sentences explaining the objectives of the topic and thesis in the introductory section. It also uses 4 thoroughly explained paragraphs mentioning the claims and pieces of evidence with a conclusion filled with recommendations to wrap things up.

A Science Fair Research-Based Speech Outline

This template provides students with enough room for you to come up with a detailed introduction, sufficient paragraphs for the body each with supportive pieces of evidence and a brief conclusion. You will even find proper instructions, to make sure that you don’t deviate from the objectives of the paper.

A St. Thomas More Parish School Research Paper Template

Here, you’ll get several fantastic links instructing learners on how they should come up with a captivating research-based speech. It will particularly help you when it comes to:
  • Creating and developing your outline
  • Coming up with credible and actionable shreds of evidence

A Reverse Paper Outline Template

Here’s another method used to make sure that your paper achieves its intended purpose. It further offers a simple tutorial to help learners create a clear reverse research paper organizer. You’ll also find an interesting structural example on the1984 Super Bowl commercial by Apple.

A Career Paper Structure

This is a perfectly explained outline on our career choices. It has a detailed introduction, with 3 body paragraphs, and a brief conclusion. You’ll even get questions and instructions meant for scholars to answer are offered throughout the structure.

PowerPoint Research Outline Tutorial

This tutorial by the Leetonia Exempted Village School District looks at a couple of things. Key among them include how to create:
  • Headings
  • Subheadings
  • Parallelisms
  • Alphanumeric structures
  • Coordination and subordination of points

A Generic Essay or Speech Outline

When creating a generic speech, here are the things you need to keep in mind. First, the introduction should have 4 essential parts. These include:
  • A hook statement
  • You should reveal the subject to your audience
  • Show the relevance of the topic
  • Provide a brief preview of the main points
  • The introductory paragraphs are crucial to the success of your speech. If poorly written, you’ll lose the attention of your audience, but if thoroughly written, it’s the first step towards convincing people to adopt your stand.
Your Body: This is the second section of your generic speech. Here, include as many main points as possible with supportive claims and evidence. Every idea you mention should have 2 to 3 points which support your thesis and give relevance to all the claims you make. There’s no specific rule on how to craft your supportive facts. So, feel free to use data, examples, and facts proving the truth behind the points made. Your Conclusion: Here’s where you provide a summary to all the key ideas explained in the body. You should restate your thesis in this section to remind your audience on what you were talking about. Remember to include a call-to-action as you wrap up the speech.

An Example Structure of a Generic Speech

A simple breakdown of a generic speech tutorial is as follows:
  • Include your name
  • Class or lecture time
  • The generic and specific purpose
  • Your Thesis

Speech or Paper Title: For Instance: Factors Affecting Infant Feeding in The United States Of America

The Introduction:

There are two things which should always be in any generic speech, these are: The Attention Magnet: The most crucial component of your address is coming up with a statement that will capture the interests of your audience from the onset. It should be a concise and compelling sentence. A Credibility Sentence: This is the next part of your introduction, and it talks about the relevance of the subject. Here, you need to ask yourself, “why is it important to my audience?”

Main Body Preview:

All main points should be written in complete sentences, for example, ‘the benefits of breastfeeding to boost the health of young infants.’ Provide one or two supporting points to explain this claim further. Remember that supporting points could be as simple as short phrases.

The Conclusion

For all the essays or speeches that you’ll write, you should always close with significant impact. You’ve done all the ‘hard work,’ and now it’s time to provide your audience with a summary of all the discussed points. Likewise, give them recommendations to certain problematic situations and end with a statement of action. Wrap Up! From all the example speeches that we’ve looked at above, you can see that these are some of the easiest academic projects. However, before you come up with your paper outline, take your time and ensure that you have all the essential details of the project. Also, keep in mind that the structure may change depending on your lecturers or instructors specifications and requirements. All in all, with these details now with you, you’ll have no trouble when it comes to organizing your speech! So, are you now confident in writing an essay outline? If you need more tips or guidance, feel free to get into contact with us.
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