Online Jobs For College Students

Financially speaking, we all know how bad students have it thanks to the uprising rent, books, and tuition costs. Working normal 9 to 5 jobs is difficult and more importantly, time-consuming when it comes to a student’s life. So what should scholars do? This is where the internet comes into play, offering thousands of opportunities from which you can make a good living without having to work many hours a day.

If a flexible schedule and a well-paid salary sound good to you then working online might be suitable for you. As we speak, there are currently hundreds of thousands of people that are still in college from all around the world, that are freelancing online and paying their debts, all while still having money for vacations and fun. Why not start doing it too?

14 Ways To Earn Money Online As A College Student

There are many ways to make money online, but today we are going to discuss the most valuable ones, that have been proven to help its users generate income while working flexible hours. Without further ado, these are the best ways to make money online right now.

1. Do Gigs on Fiverr

You know what they say “If you are good at something, never do it for free”. We like to think that this is how Fiverr works. On this wonderful website, people can do freelancer work starting from 5$ per gig and getting to up to 100$ depending on your skill level and the complexity of the job.

You can find people from all around the world on Fiverr, offering anything from translation services to personalized videos made with a silly voice or customer to impress others. This freelancing website is so big that you can even hire someone to dance while being dressed as a frog, to your favorite song. If they can do it, you can do it too.

Salary: 5-50$ / day

2. Recruit People

If you have always been told that you are a social person or if you see in other people what others can’t, you can opt-in to be an online recruiter. What this job requires from you is the ability to conduct interviews and negotiate salaries between an employee and employer. Like we previously said, this is a great opportunity for those who love talking to people and have a special eye for choosing them. Based on your decisions you can earn up to a few hundred dollars per recruited person which is amazing. Some of the best websites you can look out for such a job are LinkedIn and Upwork.

Students that already work in this business claim that recruiting is a lot like matchmaking, meaning that you have to pair a person with a position that makes both your client and your candidate happy. Meaning that you are killing two rabbits, but with two separate stones.

Salary: 100-300$ / day

3. Design for Small Businesses

To some, graphic design may not be their main skill, but for many others, this can be a solid workplace in the future if they wish so. Because of the internet, you do not need to be in Art school or have taken numerous design classes. All you have to do is learn a little bit about Adobe apps such as Illustrator and Photoshop and you are good to go. You can start by finding a small or medium business near you and approaching them to re-design their logo, brochure or even do an entire branding. Designing is a relaxing job, the only thing needed is a powerful enough device that will support apps such as Photoshop, Illustrator or Corel. As there are hundreds of tutorials online, it should be easy to get started and acquire some experience.

In addition, there are hundreds of websites such as DesignCrowd or Upwork filled with thousands of employers looking for amateur graphic designers that are willing to put in the hours to become professionals. Our advice is to start by working pro bono or to find an internship and once you get an ounce of knowledge you can start charging for your services.

Salary: 50-500$ / day

4. Tutor Online

If you thought that being book-smart was not going to pay off during college, you were wrong. because thanks to the internet you can use your knowledge to not only help others but to make money while doing it. Probably one of the main strengths of doing this is the fact that you are basically being paid for learning. You can even teach things like an instrument or a sport. This is especially good for those who paid attention in class want to put their knowledge to the test.

Some of the best websites for tutoring are Chegg, Wyzant, and VIPKID which is meant for students that already graduated. While the first couple of websites pay decently, the last one pays really good depending on the subject you are teaching.

Salary: 14-22$ / hour

5. Take Surveys Online

While they are not the most interesting or skillful things you can do, they can be a good source of beer money or something to do when taking a break from another online job. There are plenty of websites to choose from and surveys are usually easy to take, most of them asking about your preferences or asking you to rate websites. Nevertheless, it is not rocket science and the amount of money you can make can surprise some people. One of the best websites is Swagbucks because it is legit and it pays users regularly. Be careful when browsing for other websites, it has been proven that many websites never actually pay people for their time. Look out for legit posts about people receiving their money before starting to do surveys.

Salary: 5$/hour

6. Write or Edit

Another great way to make some bucks and where many young people choose to work is to write about topics. The best part about writing is that you can write about anything, anywhere from any device. Doing this requires 0$ investment, and depending on your speed it should not be time-consuming either. Editing, on the other hand, is a lot easier than writing. It is great for those that are great at adding good value over existing ones, and for those who want to spend less time at their job.

Thanks to all the amazing platforms available on the market, finding a job in this domain should be a breeze. Some of the best places to find projects are Hubpages, Teckler, and iWriter. User reviews claim that they have found their very first projects on these websites and that they are all playing well.

Salary: 50$-600$ / day

7. Evaluate Search Engines

Like any other thing made by men, even search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo tend to encounter problems and by using your feedback they can improve and fix their issues. If you have a few spare hours to spend every day, then this is a great work-at-home job. Evaluating search engines requires users to submit feedback and edit certain things about the motor. This job is great paired with other jobs on the list because it will not take as much as others.

Salary: 50-100$ / week

8. Manage Social Media

Managing social media accounts can be extremely fun and it can produce a lot of money all at the same time. Think about all the small and medium business owners that do not even know how the internet works. With thousands of online courses about how to successfully manage a Facebook or Instagram page, it has never been easier to convert your knowledge into real money. After learning a bit about management, we recommend approaching the local business owner with an offer and taking things further from there. Based on your skill level you can ask from anywhere to 100$ to 1000$ per week.

Salary: 100-1000$ / week

9. Master PowerPoint

A lot of people may not know this, but there is a lot of demand for the powerpoint presentation market. Let’s face it, a lot of people still do not know how the internet works, what about PowerPoint? And the ones who do know how to use PowerPoint are public speakers, startups and businesses who do not get the time necessary to come up with a presentation. One of the main strengths of this job is the fact that it only takes a couple of weeks to master this powerful presentation manager and you can be assured that you will nail every presentation afterward. In addition, you will not have to worry about money because, in the beginning, you can get up to 15$ per slide.

Salary: 15$-25$ / slide

10. Translate documents

If you always thought that those Spanish classes you took in high school would not pay off, then you were absolutely wrong. We are pleased to tell you that their thousands of tasks are posted daily on Freelance websites and many companies are looking for long-term business affiliations. If you are bi-lingual or if have learned a language this is a great opportunity to make a couple of extra bucks while practicing and while having fun thanks to a flexible program.

You can start posting gigs on Reddit or on websites such as Fiverr and you will most likely find a task within a couple of days. Moreover, if you have additional knowledge such as in the medical or legal field you may be rewarded a lot more cash for completing tasks. Most employees pay anywhere from between 20$ to 50$ per translation, depending on difficulty and deadline.

Salary: 20-100$ / day

11. Get a data entry job

Yes, they can be boring, but for the average Joe that comes home after five to eight hours of classes, this can be a great way to earn a couple of bucks while not burning too much brain power. These jobs are more like meditating rather than actual jobs because in this day in age we all want to be creative and we all want to do many great things, but in order to do that, we must focus on simple things such as creating excel tables.

There are lots of people willing to pay you anywhere from 10-15$ per hour for entering data, so why not give it a try while you are at it? After all, it’s a stress-relieving job.

12. Develop apps

Another great way to earn a couple of more bucks than the previously mentioned methods is to develop mobile apps. Because of the day and age that we are living, learning a programing language has never been easier. We recommend developing apps for iOS because the programing language for developing apps (Swift) is much simpler and intuitive than its Android counterpart.

After you have learned how to create apps, there are thousands of jobs waiting for your appliance. Moreover, the salary of a junior mobile app developer is great.

Salary: 700-3000$ / month

13. Write Resumes

Think about it, everybody wants to have a killer resume but nobody wants to write it themselves. This is why most people hire someone to write a resume for them. And thanks to online resources and books, you can be that special “someone” who can write amazing resumes that will turn heads around. The market is full of demand and not so many people are into this business as of right now.

When talking about the salary, writing a decent resume should get you around 50-75$ and we think that is more than enough if you are going to write a couple of them per day.

Salary: 50-100$ / resume

14. Proofread

Because we live in a society that is more focused on speed rather than on anything else, being a proofreader is a good and important job. If you loved grammar back in high school then you will love correcting all the mistakes. Being different from editing, all a proofreader has to do is to check for grammar and punctuation errors, and nothing else.

There are many jobs published every day on sites like Freelancer or Fiverr that require little no expiration. Employees tend to pay anywhere from 10$ to 45$ per hour depending on the skill level that you have and the text provided. So why not give it a try?

There is something to do for everyone

If you have read through the whole list you have probably seen that making money online is for everyone. Nowadays, you can make a living online while having little to no knowledge in the beginning. All you need is determination, work ethic, and a solid plan and your worries about paying college debt and rent are going to vanish.

Online is the future, and we there is something for everyone to sell and make money on the internet. Better than this, most college students who work freelance jobs in college tend to pursue them even further after graduating. This is because having a flexible program and the fair opportunity for promotion is better than working a boring 9-5 jobs with little to no benefits.

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