Getting it Right with Narrative Essays

Quite often, a student will be asked to write an essay, and the most probable one will be a narrative essay. Primarily, the task will be assigned to establish the writing skills or ability that students possess. It is for this reason that when tasked to write an essay to this effect, you should not ignore or look down on the assignment because it will not only expose your exceptional talent but will also add some marks to your grade. Just like any other activity that you regard as important, writing narrative essays are never easy and should never be treated as such.

The task of writing a narrative article is demanding, time-consuming, and is hinged on some rules which, as a student, you need to master. Your professor expects fewer mistakes and a well-organized thought that is brought out via the narrative essay. There is a structure attached to it, a logical argument informing it and a good summary in addition to a thesis statement attached to the introduction. So, the essential information in as far as narrative essays are concerned is explained in this paper.

The Organization of Standard Narrative Essay Examples

By now, you must be privy to the information to the effect that academic papers are organized in some formats. You will have to take into account the structure and write your paper per its description. Each segment or section of the essay serves some critical purpose, which adds a lot of value to the article.

Importantly, the parts are arranged in an order that has:
  • An introduction
  • The body
  • The conclusion or the summary paragraph

The role of the introduction is to give an overview of your narrative essay or your story to the readers as it describes them in terms of their character traits, the place or the locality of the narrative, the components of the location and more about the set-up. The paragraphs within the body are also purposed to give a detailed description of the events and things that inform the events. It also details the outcome of the actions and how they will affect the characters or the thought of the writer. Then, there is a summary part that concludes the whole narrative as it tells the audiences about the outcome of a story in terms of the moral behind it or leaves the audiences with an opportunity to derive ideas on their own with regards to the closing statements in within the last paragraph.

Shared Trends for Writing Narrative Essay Examples

As you begin your essay, it is crucial to begin by with a stronger statement that attracts the attention of the reader. Such a statement is also known as the hook because it pins the reader’s eye to your work. Attention grabber can vary depending on how they are formulated but all in all, they play almost the same role, which is to keep your readers on your paper and to make them like it. They could be in the form of questions that are considered as rhetorical, a remark with a startling revelation, facts that are unknown to the reader, statistical figures that are not known by your audiences and a quote from a famous personality or just one coined by you.

Within the body of the narrative essay examples, the writer is advised to take keen note of the described characters with the focus being on their personalities instead of putting the focus on some unnecessary information. Every cast in the story must have something unique that defines them. Such should be the basis of your statements with regards to the characters whether they are the major or just the minor ones.

Even as much as you work on the body paragraphs, it is advisable not to exaggerate and give too much in terms of the details to the extent of making it dull. The length of a narrative essay counts and for that reason, the needed descriptions are only the ones that relate to the actions and activities and only the most critical knowledge enhancing facts meant to tell the readers about the writer’s idea.

Specifically, some transformations that the casts or the characters in the essay have undergone in the actions as contained in the essay are explained. These experiences will tell your readers about the actors and how they are coping with some developments. Of interest is the fact that narrative essays that are regarded as the greatest have a vivid demonstration of the activities or actions or events and how they influence the lives, actions, and reactions of the characters within the story.

Note that all the paragraphs should represent a unique concept and should have a flow. Every paragraph should join the next one smoothly. There should not be tensions between them, which mean that the writer must consider transitional words between the sections of the essay. It is recommended that the paragraphs be at least five with one as the introduction and three for the body and one for the conclusion.

Samples of Good Narrative Essays

Consider the two narrative essay examples provided below as ones you can analyze in your college or as a student in the university campus:

#1 My First Time to Ride a Bicycle

The collective say has it that life is full of thrills and lessons, some of which are just fun and others of which are just too painful to remember. Each day presents us with an opportunity to do something for the first time. In as much as we get thrilled and excited by our early experiences, at times they bring us a lot of challenges that we have to prepare well for. I always sat from a distance and watched my fellow kids ride their bicycles and thought, why not me. I was, however, afraid to try. The thought of falling and bruising my knees was just terrifying. My friend

Peter had a new bicycle given to him by his father as a birthday gift. It was a blue mountain bike with really nice rims. Seeing the bike for the first time, something told me that maybe I should ask Peter to teach me how to ride a bike.

Peter was sweet but shy; some of our friends wondered how we managed to cope, given that he was my complete opposite. He rarely laughed or smiled even at some of the jokes you’d think would have cheered anyone up. What was unknown to many of our peers was that he was afraid to smile or laugh because he had some of his lower teeth missing. This made him so shy that he wanted no one to notice the missing teeth. The point is that I like to travel on my vacations, but that year I had no opportunity to do so. Besides, all my friends had to work, so I was on my own. A year ago, he had asked his friend to teach him how to ride, and as fate would have it, on his first try, he fell and lost his lower teeth. This, however, did not deter him from learning but instead changed his life.

I gathered courage and asked Peter to teach me how to ride, and as a true friend, he never disappointed me but volunteered to teach me. I was so scared that I never suggested a day to start the lesson. It was on a Friday evening after we had come home from school. We went straight to his home and started our planned riding lesson. I could not balance well on the saddle, and I kept on leaning towards one side even though his hands were firmly on the bike. The fear was just overwhelming, but each time I tried balancing, I got the courage.

Finally, I was able to balance on my own and move with the bike. Cycling proved to be very hard for me because it threw me off the balance whenever I tried. This did not stop me from trying. It was amazing that I had overcome my fear and was now moving around without Peter’s hands holding the bike. On my first ride! How better could it be?

Now I am happy that I not only added a new skill but that I was pleased to do it on my first trial. Today, I am one of the best riders, thanks to my longtime friend Peter. His missing teeth were also fixed, and he is today smiling and laughing at every joke; we have remained as the best of friends trying out new learning opportunities together. I learned from him that trying is the first step to achieving anything, including riding a bicycle.

#2 The Day I Met My Old Friend Joe

Sometimes in life, you don’t realize how one is important to you until when you lose him or her. This was my story with Joe. Joe and I were born in the same village, and as friends, we played and did everything together. Our parents nicknamed us Joju because I was also called Justus. The first two letters of our names were joined together, and that was our shared name. People would get confused, and they ended up calling us with the same name anyway.

Joe was a gifted actor and an athlete; my friends jokingly said that Joe was using some traditional charm known as ‘Juju’ to achieve the two tasks. He twice represented our school during the national athletic and won. Everyone was so proud of Joe. I rode in his success because the only thing I knew how to do was to complete my school assignments on time.

Because of the talents that Joe had, he got a scholarship and went abroad to study. Technically this meant that we would not see each other for a very long time. I was so lonely that I tried applying for any available scholarship opportunity to go to England where Joe was, but nothing came to materialize. I lost hope and gave up.

We were used to being together that I could do nothing on my own without Joe. The sad thing is that we never shared contacts when he went, and there was no way we were going to communicate with each other. A day passed, months passed, years passed, and I heard nothing about him since all his parents had passed away.

One day as I was walking along the town’s street, I heard some pone calling me. At first, I thought it was just someone calling another person. Afraid of the muggers, I could not look back to see who is calling but increased my walking pace. The voice intensified, and this time, I had to look at who was calling. To my surprise, I could not believe my eyes at first. Was this him or just someone resembling Joe, I thought! “It is me, Joe, your friend,” he said. I was so overwhelmed that I momentarily stood still. “Joe!” I shouted. “Justus!” he responded. It was such a happy moment that I forgot what took me to town.

He was back; yes, my friend was back after a very long time. “We have a lot of catch up to do,” Joe said as we entered a hotel. How better can it be to meet a friend I thought I had lost forever? As we pondered about our childhood and how close we were, we realized that our destiny was somehow intertwined.

Remember the following:

  • Read and reread the essay
  • Start almost immediately and waste no time
  • Edit the essay
  • Make a strong summary or conclusion


It takes no genius to understand that narrative essay are all about telling stories in the best way possible and not forgetting to follow a structure as outlined in this article. Check for mistakes such as grammar and any other before submitting the work. Additionally, you will enjoy your story only if you tell it in the best way possible to the readers.

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