Constructing IEEE Citation Format in Your Essay

If you are an engineering or computer science student, IEEE citation is not a foreign term. Its abbreviation stands for Institution of Electric and Electronic Engineering. Including citation is a requirement when composing your essay. It indicates to your reader that you have carried extensive study on your essay. Including an IEEE citation format is not always straightforward, especially if it’s your first time.

If you are having a hard time, do not worry, you are in the right place. From this article, you will get all the facts you require in regards to IEEE citation format.

Understanding IEEE Citation

IEEE citation is one of the citation formats used in paper writing. Other common citation format includes APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago. Unlike other citation styles, IEEE reference citation is organized in numerical order.

The reference provides, helps the reader track the sources used and acts as additional support to the argument presented by the writer. To the student, citation aids in avoiding plagiarism and presenting an informative essay.

Creating IEEE Citation

Most students struggle with creating an IEEE citation. When composing your essay, you focus on both citations. Following through with the two will make writing easy.

Writing In-Text Citation

When writing IEEE citations, the name of the author and date of publication should not be included. The preferred in-text citation is writing a digit, like [1]. Note following in your essays:

The in-text citation should be written as part of the text that is before any punctuation inscribes the digit in a square bracket and include a space between the first bracket and the digit.

Throughout the text, the citation numbers should follow in an ascending manner. If you wish to cite a similar citation multiple times in the essay, indicate the previously citation digit, do not form a new citation. Repetition of any citation number is possible throughout the text.

When writing different citations in your text, you are required to separate them. You can do this by including a comma. For instance [2], [6], [10]; keep in mind that they should be organized from the smallest to the biggest.

Reference Listing

Your list of references ought to be written after your conclusion. The importance of listing your references is to verify the origin of your information. All the listed references included should be in line with the citation written in your text. The references you provide should match the in-text citation in your essay. Your references should be organized in the same way that you organized your in-text citation. Start by indicating the number in a square bracket, followed by writing the name of the author.

The name of the author should be written in order of the first name to the last. For example, if the name of the author is Louisa May Alcott. Write it as L. M. Alcott, not M. A. Louisa.

The name of the book should be written in italic, and the heading of the article should have quotation marks.

When you have more than one writer to include, write after the first author’s name.

Other Options

If you feel that it is still demanding, you can hire a professional writer. There are many available online writing websites available. Better yet, you can use an IEEE citation generator to help you out.


Citations are a must when writing your essay. Knowing how there are constructed is important for writing an authentic paper. Any questions or comments? We’ll be glad to hear from you!

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