Composition of a Compelling Narrative Essay

Definition of a Narrative Essay

Several descriptions have been assigned to the term ‘narrative.’ From the primary dictionary definition to nary is to tell a story. Importantly, the best report draws from some essential characteristics a narrative essay has.

The following are some of those characteristics:

  1. They are descriptive: basically, narrative essay characteristically describes a situation through a story. This implies that they tell stories to readers about specific experiences or events. The audiences get to learn of something that happened in the past through stories that are well explained by this form of writing. The stories could as well be about a person and their experience and not just events. In other words, a narrative essay could be about something that happens to someone else or the writer himself or herself.
  2. It has a collaborative eye. In other words, the narrative essay engages the reader onto the narration by involving them. The writer must think about the audience and how they will feel about the story. The attention of the reader I critical for the success of a narrative essay, and it is for this reason that this characteristic becomes one of the most vital defining factors of a compelling narrative essay. An excellent narration must excite and not dull or annoying for the audience. How a story begins can tell if it will draw the interest of the audience or not; therefore, it is imperative to put the readers into context before the story is told.

The Outline of a Narrative Essay

Good writing is pegged on a good structure as well, and that is the purpose of an outline. A narrative essay is not exempted from frameworks. To write an excellent narrative essay, the writer will have to come up with a good overview. In school, an outline must have an introduction, a thesis statement, the body, and a conclusion. The introduction, in this case, will bear the inviting points so that the reader can have a feel of what is coming up in the whole essay. The purpose of the thesis statement is to indicate the use of the narrator to the audience because every story fulfills some critical function. The narrator must vividly elucidate in his or her words his or her position in as far as the story is concerned.

A Good Structure for a Narrative Essay Should Look Like This:

An Introduction

The part should have a formal introducing statement with the topic sentence meant to tell the readers about the story. The topic sentence introduces that first paragraph.

The part should also have a thesis statement which tells the readers the viewpoint of the writer with regards to the story. What is it that the writer knows and how does h or she intend to defend that. Mostly, a thesis statement comes as the last sentence of the introduction. Remember that even though the structure of a narrative essay is not as fixed as other outlines, the submission must contain a narrative grip to keep the audience reading the story. A reader needs to have a prior clue about what I in store for them if they are to follow through with their urge to get something out of the story so never ignore a good introduction for a narrative essay.

The Body of a Narrative Essay

The body provides an opportunity to narrate the events and provide useful details to the readers concerning the activity or the experience. In paragraphs, the narrator describes how, when, and how an event occurred, how it affected the outcome, and which factors infirmed the occurrence of the event. This implies that the body is the most extensive section of the essay and must, therefore, contain equally interesting information. More so, the paragraph within this section must connect well through transitional words. The body should also have a point that supports the thesis statement or at least reinforces the story. As you tell the readers about the exciting events that changed you, it is also imperative that they get to appreciate the facts that your narrative is based on.

The Conclusion to the Narrative Essay

This is the point in the outline whereby the writer indicates some of the things he o she wants the reader to remember. The Conclusion part additionally reminds of the statement in the thesis. Having told the story, it is also good to remind them about how it influences your life and why, as the writer, you think it is important to them as well. Just as the story started strongly, it should end with the same vigor.

How to Start a Narrative Essay

Again, the writers need not forget that narrative essays are very flexible and that they do not have a prescribed way of doing them. Make the opening as interesting a possible with phrases which servers as magnets. The opening of a narrative essay can have quotes or analogies or even ask rhetorical questions to glue the readers into the content of the story. We should keep in mind that there is no fixed way of starting a narrative essay. Several reasons inform telling a story but by first grabbing the attention of the audience. Such purposes are summarized as below:

  1. Exciting the audience thus warranting their interest on the subject of discussion. The readers want to finish reading the whole story only if they have reasons for doing so. That reason should be provided before the account is entirely told.
  2. To the writer, the use of attention grabber helps in developing the story further and finding the motivation to tell it. Even the writer wants his or her narrative to have some audience. For that reason, they will strive to present it in the best way possible, and that is what a great catchphrase adds to the essay generally.
  3. No one wants to tell a story that will soon be forgotten. Good narrative essays must be remembered beyond the first reading, and for that to be realized, the catchy phrases make it stick in the audience's mind when readers can remember the story than as the writer you have achieved. This also indicates that the narration was perfectly done and it took the interest of the audience on board.

The Organization and the Structure of the Narrative Essay

It is essential to remember when creating the narrative essay that it takes time and a lot of organizational skills to come up with an exciting story. Just as earlier indicated in the outline, the story has the same organization, but unlike the framework, the content is more elaborate.

More is attached to the midsection of the paper, and the writer needs to pay keen attention to the elements necessary for composing an excellent body paragraph. Various sections of the midsection are supposed to be preceded by active sentence topics to give a preview of what is contained in those paragraphs. Importantly, they serve as a connector to the rest of the paper, and therefore, a lot of consideration ought to be paid.


To sum it up, stories are told for various reasons, and they end in either sadness or bliss. The bottom line is that there must be some acceptable process and procedures that help their writer (storytellers) to organize their stories and narrate I them to the world in the best way possible.

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