How to write a conclusion for an essay to leave your reader impressed?

How to write a conclusion for an essay to leave your reader impressed?

Students tend to fail at writing the conclusion for their essays that can convince the reader and keep them engaged in the argumentative essay. The conclusion to an essay is indeed a complicated segment of the paper and should be treated as well. Useful tips will be discussed in this article to write and compose the ending of your essay, and a few examples will be included to act as inspiration.

What is the conclusion of an essay?

In order to fully grasp the whole point behind the conclusion you need to look at it this way: the last punch a boxer throws in a fight or the last few kilometers of a marathon. It can make or break your writing. It is by far the most powerful and requires the most effort out of the entire paper. In short, they are your final words that address the topic you have chosen.

You need to bring out the big guns because you only have one shot at getting it right and making sure everything is packed in neatly. Bring your most relevant argument and write the thesis again to clarify your stance on the matter.

  • Make it sound different when compared to your introduction.
  • Introductions should always be abstract statements, while the conclusion has to contain a specific solution.

How to write the conclusion for an essay?

Plenty of guides available on the world wide web that tackle the conclusion aspect of an essay and most of them will point out that the key, is making the conclusion convincing. However, it is not that easy to convince your reader.

It cannot be just a summary of the arguments described in the paragraphs of the body. It is not a restatement of your thesis either. The key here is to word your conclusion in such a way that it comes off as a very obvious and at the same time shocking information. Below you can find some advice that can get you started:

  • The thesis statement has to be restated in the conclusion paragraph;
  • Check out the body paragraphs and extract the main idea from them;
  • Summarize all the ideas in two or maybe even just one heavy punching sentence.

If you as a student do not understand what it takes to write the conclusion of your essay, you should look for some samples to check your knowledge and skills. As luck, we included a few in this article.

Essay conclusion examples

If you do not fully grasp what it takes to write up a great conclusion, there is a way to figure everything out. Just check online for some samples. These are the main things you should keep in mind:

  • Style
  • How many sentences you include
  • What the main hooks are
  • How you have restated the thesis
  • Figuring out what gets summarized

Note that you should check for all these factors based on your paper style and the format you went for.

Persuasive essay example

Here is how we should write a conclusion if we had to write up a persuasive essay. The structure of the conclusion should stay similar to that of any other paper. You should restate the thesis along with the two main reasons you have brought forth. Always make sure to include the call to action since it plays a huge role when it comes to persuasion.

You do not have to restate the whole thesis. It was already included in your introduction, and it must not be repeated. At this point, your reader has to be sure that what you presented so far is right.

  • Topic: Homework in High School.

"In this paper, I have presented three of the most powerful reasons regarding the fact that homework affects studying daily. It is not relevant to have to deal with homework on a daily basis. Other issues have to be dealt with during the life of a teenager. Appreciate your patience and the fact that you have given me to chance to explain my viewpoint on this topic."

Argumentative essay example

Below you can view an example of an argumentative essay conclusion that includes the tips we have just mentioned.

  • Topic: The role of art in globalization.

"It is becoming increasingly clear that the odds of avoiding globalization are slim because of the needs and demands of our modern society. Evolution is going so rapidly that pushing it is not even necessary at the moment. Art, at its core, is an ancient engagement factor. Art is about life, art is actually life. Art aids us with exploring new worlds, and newly created art helps with meeting new people. And this is what makes art a core for the tools we have when it comes to progress and interacting between people."

Compare and contrast essay example

Two very different concepts must be tackled with information regarding both of them in the compare and contrast essay. This is not about how you feel or what your opinion is. The last part has to include what makes the two objects so different.

  • Topic: Devil in " Master and Margarita" and "Omen"

" The Devil is depicted in a totally different manner in "Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov and respectively "Omen" by David Seltzer. As was shown in the previous three paragraphs, Devil by Bulgakov focuses on philosophy and intellect. In "Omen" the Devil was created to evoke fear and superstition in the reader's mind. The two are fundamentally different but have the same effect on people - fear."

Analysis essay example

The same rules apply when it comes to analytical or analysis papers. The conclusion follows the same patterns: restating the thesis and bringing another look at the text's purpose.

  • Topic: Analyze Twitter influence on youth.

"Twitter is impacting society in a massive way, specifically to younger people. The current American youth and the ones from outside the US are very involved in tweeting all the time they get a chance. Sometimes they even use their smartphones in order to tweet in class. Time is spent reading and tweeting all the time. A rule that bans smartphones in class should be adopted."

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