Guidelines on How to Write a Research Paper

Not all students find it easy to write a research paper. They report that it is hectic and time wasting. Most even opt to pay online writers to get their work done. Let’s be honest; it’s not always easy. But if someone can do it, why can't we? Think about it; maybe if we put as much effort as they do, then we can accomplish it.

There are basic steps that all of us can follow to achieve writing a research paper. The crucial steps are listed below.

Choosing a Topic

This is the most crucial part of writing a research paper. This creates a pathway of what you should research one and write about. When choosing a topic, consider the genre you want to write about like psychology, engineering, health. This will guide you in picking a manageable topic. Before you embark on writing, seek approval from your teacher.

The topic you choose should be interesting and motivating to write. Choosing a motivating topic will help you gain a positive attitude towards it. The topic also should have numerous sources of information

Carrying Out Your Research

With a topic and no content, you cannot write. That is where research comes in. It helps you collect the necessary information that you need to write your essay. There is a wide base of information available for you to read. All you need to do is search for it.

Online research is now more common than ever. As a writer, you should be watchful of the information that you read. Some information presented are not reliable especially in companies or personal website. The best sites to look have the following domains edu, gov, or org. Do not limit yourself to online research; read books from the library to help you out.

Making a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is like a belief statement or a declaration. It acts as the central ideas of your research paper. The content that you present should support the statement you make.

Before coming up with a thesis statement, you should brainstorm and research extensively. Think about the knowledge you want to present to your reader. You can create a hypothesis to help you formulate a thesis statement. Better yet, you can discuss how it will help other researchers. This will help you get a bigger concept of the whole topic.

Make an Outline for Your Paper

The significance of the outline is highly undervalued by most students. An outline is a representation of your thoughts, ideas, and the information that you have collected. Some institution requires its students to make a formal outline while others do not. In a formal outline, you are required to present your ideas in order. This entails indicating the topics and the subtopic.

With an informal outline, you do not need to present your information in order unless you want to. Generally, creating an outline helps with the flow of ideas when you start writing. It helps in sentence and paragraph structure.

Introductory Part

The intro is all about introducing your reader to the topic you are writing about. You can write a short story that is related to the topic or a summary of the information to be presented. It should be captivating and enticing to the reader. Use simple language that the reader can understand.

There is no full proof secret to writing an introduction. All you need is basic information about your topic and creativity.

Research Paper Writing

This is where most students dreaded to reach. Some students start and never get to the end. If you are one of them, all you need to do is follow the above steps listed. Every step builds up to writing your research essay. Through research, you get the content you need. With a thesis statement, you have a central idea of your essay, and lastly, by making an outline, you have ideas to write. When you experience a writer’s block, do not hesitate to go back and collect more information.

Edit Your Paper

Now that the hard part is over, you have one last crucial steps. Errors in writing as expected. That is why it is important to take your time and go through your work. Look at the structure of your sentences and paragraphs and flow of content from one sentence to the next. Lastly, check your grammar, punctuation and word choice. Make sure you have made all the necessary correction before you submit your work.


Writing a research paper is more than picking a topic to write. You need determination and motivation. You need to collect relevant information in line with your topic. Do not forget about making an outline of your ideas and making a thesis statement. Most importantly, be creative when writing. Use simple language and aim to educate your reader.

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