Demonstration Speech Writing and Topic Examples

Public speaking is one of the most common practices in the field of communication. It is essential to have a clear goal and an exceptional speech creation technique. The big question that you need to answer is, how can one develop a speech that is effective and complete? Additionally, understanding how best to use the visual aids also count when one is considering writing a good speech. In speechwriting, the context and the reason for giving out a speech matter, while we appreciate that written statements usually are not promptly delivered because the speaker must take his or her time to master the speech and deliver it extemporaneously, the content of a speech, therefore, is the most crucial aspect to consider.

In this case, when writing a speech, it is crucial to start by selecting the materials that will be central to your speech. What this means is that prior research is paramount on a great address and for that reason, a writer must embark on a journey of probing all the available resources and materials to collect everything that he or she needs for the speech. Because the sermon is demonstrable, the target materials must as well serve the purpose of demonstration.

In fact, in the course of the research, the writer of the speech is encouraged to identify the speech topic that he or she is well averse of bearing in mind that the choice should at the end of the day communicate effectively. With proper research and access to the right material, it shouldn’t be too difficult to have the best topic and information for a demonstration speech.

Given that demonstration speeches are meant to show others how to accomplish some tasks, the idea is to have good knowledge about the concept that you intend to demonstrate and how others have probably explored the thoughts or the ideas before. It should also consider that the audience wants to know about the result of the demonstrations and how they impacted the lives of the audience.

Traditionally, demonstration speeches have been employed to impart some special skills in addition to clarifying tasks that are seemingly difficult to comprehend. Speakers are regarded as people bestowed with a special ability to change people’s mind via their speech and make them try out something they probably have not done before. What more could be important and fulfilling for the speaker than having a powerful speech that demonstrates something new?

Speeches have been proven to be more effective when and entertaining only to the point that they are less of explanations but more of instructional. However, achieving one's objective requires some fundamental steps that can be applied when coming up with a speech.

Choosing an Effective Demonstration Speech Topic

It could be that the writer has over time accumulated excellent skills on how to accomplish some task, and he or she wants to demonstrate to the audience via a speech. Given that the conviction of the writer is that the address will be of value to the audience in terms of imparting in them new skills through demonstration, the settlement on an appropriate topic will significantly matter. Dull or non-exciting issues will not be ideal for driving a point home because such topics may turn away the audience even before they listen to the speech. Essentially, there is a need to duly put into consideration topic choice based on how complicated the demonstration is to the recipients who are the audience you are targeting.

To have an appropriate topic for demonstration speech idea, listed below are some of the essential points:

  • The first and most crucial factor to put into consideration is your interest in the topic as well as that of your target audience. An excellent demonstration speech must take into account the feeling of the audience and the speaker. In other words, a demonstration speech delivery will significantly depend on how both the audience and the speaker eager to learn and dispense the speech, respectively. As a speaker, you need an inspiration that transcends just the delivery. Something that makes you interested in delivering the speech will manifest as you do so and for that reason, if you are disinterested in a topic, then it is wise to drop it altogether.
  • Carry out audience analysis to establish the kind of the audience you will be addressing besides their interest in the demonstration speech. Among the essential factors include the issue of the demographics and psychographic traits. The audience’s valuation of the demo and how they think it will add something new to their field of knowledge warrants an explanation that is complete and understandable.
  • The comfort and confidence of the speaker and generally the audience in terms of their reception of the speech is also a factor for a proper setting. In this case, the venue choice should be more inspiring and attractive enough for the audience. Imagine delivering a demonstration speech in a venue that has no or fewer facilities. That will be equivalent to killing the address even before it is delivered. The space, the
  • lighting, availability of toilets, the suitability of the topic with regards to the setting among others will be crucial in delivering a speech.
  • The duration that the speaker has in terms of delivering the speech and the time limit will be central to writing an effective speech. People respond to some speeches well based on how long they take. Some are just too long and makes the audiences lose concentration. Other are just too short and have nothing much to convey. Consider a topic that will fit within the time set.
  • The nature of a demonstration speech is that they depend so much on the visual aids. Well, with regards to this point, it is imperative to choose a topic that is in tandem with the choices made for the visual materials such as the chats, the videos, and the pictures. There should be a compliment between the speech and the visual aids.

Some of the Useful Topics for Good Demonstration Topics

Customization of a speech topic to suit the audience, and the demonstration delivery is the key to keeping the listeners interested in a speech. Remember that a topic for a speech can be too general, thus making it less effective or ineffective altogether. Well, in that case, every situation warrants a suitable topic and the interest of the speaker. The question should be narrowed down to fit the particulars of the demonstration.

More so, establishing the purpose of the speaker is essential in narrowing to the points of the demonstration speech. The specific concepts and ideas that the speaker intends to demonstrate to the audience should be spelled out clearly.

Additionally, the formulation of a strong thesis statement is equally important. The audience must be provided with the reason for informing the demonstration and why the speaker thinks it is essential for the audience to receive the information. All these should be contained in a thesis statement for the demonstration speech.

To generate or have a good topic befitting the speech, the speaker should try out as many options as possible to determine which one works best or the subject. With the focal idea in place and the interest intact, it is time to navigate through the ideas coming in the speaker’s mind with regards to the topic by twisting around specific sentences and phrases. Try out the following:

  • How to use
  • How to set
  • How to do
  • How to design
  • How to demonstrate
  • The is how………
  • To integrate
  • Made...
  • How the making of…
  • How the organization of…
  • Plan of how…
  • To produce…
  • To structure
  • Steps to…

There are also several verbs that are applicable in a demonstration speech idea. They can be useful in creating a good topic for the speech; consider trying out verbs such as Handling of..., Drawing…, Execution of…, to deal with…develop…, invent, perform, predict and create. Generally, the words are considerably the attention grabbers, and they will give a preview of what the speech will be all about to the audience, thus quenching their expectation.

The speaker can also draw from the list provided below the demonstration topics. The topics are categorized with their relevance to the various fields and the interest of the speakers. Again, the verbs play an important role when considering developing further the suggested topics for the speech to be delivered.

How to:

  1. Get water while in a desert
  2. Brush your shoes
  3. Do budding and grafting for mangoes and avocadoes
  4. Make ice cream out of snow.
  5. Create a snowman
  6. Fix the guitar strings
  7. Drive a car with a manual gear
  8. Fix a button in your dress in without a sewing needle
  9. Play chess on a computer
  10. Make wine by yourself
  11. Taste coffee.
  12. Organize a wedding party.
  13. Paint a house
  14. Draw a simple house structure
  15. Milk the cows
  16. Vote for the first time
  17. Play acoustic guitar.
  18. Learn to play guitar.
  19. Fix a hosepipe
  20. Sing in two or three octaves
  21. Fold clothes
  22. Make a fishing rod
  23. Drill a hole without a drilling machine
  24. Start a Facebook page for your clients
  25. Write a resume
  26. Light fire without using match sticks.
  27. Dismantle the car engine
  28. Assemble a car engine
  29. Cook rice
  30. Mix paints for your house
  31. Brew coffee
  32. Construct a cowshed
  33. Do a fast aid
  34. Wipe the camera lenses
  35. Relieve oneself of stress
  36. Learn French
  37. Prune the flowers
  38. Trim the live fences
  39. Fix a television aerial
  40. Knit a sweater
  41. Become a Chief Executive Officer
  42. Break bad news to family
  43. Make weights for the gym
  44. Spray pesticides on your farm
  45. Create a secret security code
  46. Pay your bill online
  47. Read large volumes of novels
  48. Replace a leaking iron sheet for your roof
  49. Trap obstinate rodents
  50. Make puppets
  51. Mould flower pots
  52. Make bricks
  53. Prevent soil erosion
  54. Build bridges
  55. Wad of thieves
  56. Press the secret alarm when attacked
  57. Treat an insect bite
  58. Set up beehives
  59. Subject the essay to plagiarism checkers
  60. Recoup the lost money in an investment
  61. Apply the facial make up
  62. Take photos without a tripod
  63. Break up relationships without heartbreaking the partner
  64. Survive in the sea without clean drinking water
  65. Make a movie in a toilet
  66. Repair a broken glass window
  67. Dispose of dangerous chemicals
  68. Use the safety pins to join a tear in your pant
  69. File the taxes without getting penalized
  70. Cover a baby without chocking him or her up
  71. Make up the bed for the sick people in our families
  72. Write a report for your boss
  73. Design a business card
  74. Take photos of the dignitaries and celebrities
  75. Apply induction in decision making
  76. Fill up a fountain pen.
  77. Clean a stain off a white shirt
  78. Fold a t-shirt
  79. Climb a tree
  80. Get a coconut from a coconut tree
  81. Make a music instrument
  82. Learn dance salsa
  83. Watch a horror movie without freaking out
  84. Signal police officer of a kidnapper inside your car
  85. Extinguish fire with a blanket
  86. Remove an aching tooth
  87. Draw a three dimension object with a pencil
  88. Dispose of used computers and car batteries
  89. Place a winning bet with little money
  90. Listen to a new program on a radio
  91. Critique a movie
  92. Replace an electricity cable
  93. Grind nuts using stones
  94. Write large documents without getting tired
  95. Fix bulbs and other security lights
  96. Outcompete your colleagues in a racing match
  97. Drive formula one cars
  98. Make candles using wax
  99. Play tennis
  100. Blow a glass to make a flower vase
  101. Get rid of the stubborn back pain
  102. Wake up early every morning without going back to sleep
  103. Replace camera lenses
  104. Copy movies from computers to a pen drive
  105. Copyright articles and academic journals
  106. Use feathers to make warm jackets
  107. Buy ideal cars for sports and general utility
  108. Check for the computer specifications before purchasing one
  109. Download computer and smartphone programs
  110. Use editing software
  111. Create animation movies
  112. Print a word document from a PC
  113. Transfer files from the desktop to other folders
  114. Ride a bike for the first time
  115. Fix broken doors.
  116. Make documentary films
  117. Cut carrots
  118. Squeeze tomato and make juice out of them
  119. Create invitational cards for graduation
  120. Learn about the various computer programs
  121. Fill a hole in your tooth
  122. Make a cake
  123. Make Italian cheese
  124. Fish in a boat
  125. Dry up a drenched mattress
  126. Transport fragile materials such as glasses without breaking them
  127. Ride a stallion horse
  128. Make soup with ginger
  129. Practice yoga
  130. Read ahead and pass the exams
  131. Sharpen a knife
  132. Create a PowerPoint presentation for a class audience
  133. Plait hair
  134. Arrange photos in the gallery
  135. Prepare pumpkin soup for small children
  136. Open a handbag in a public place without attracting the attention of the thieves
  137.  Transfer seedlings from the nursery bed to the planting site
  138. Create a link for the keywords in a text to enhance ownership
  139. Learn skating without injuries
  140. Make safety knee pads and sheen guards from use plastics
  141. Handle a twisted knee without causing further injury
  142. Place urgent calls to the without using money
  143. Dispose of broken glasses
  144. Make music and record the beats on your own
  145. Train a dog to aid in human-related activities
  146. Rare goats
  147. Structure the organization hierarchy to fit the organizational goals
  148. Create a communication rubric
  149. Take care of a victim of heart attack
  150. Alight from a parachute
  151. Tame an aggressive dog without harming yourself
  152. Make baskets out of the hyacinth plants
  153. Get the body trimmed and the six parks you so desire
  154. Exercise to burn the excess body fat
  155. Shut down a computer
  156. Remove a program from the computer
  157. Check if you are running out of cooking gas

Topics for Demonstration Speech around Processes

The demonstration topics hinges on various ideas some of which are based on the process of how certain things happen. When thinking of an idea to explain or demonstrate an ongoing process or a procedure to be undertaken, think of the following topics and examples:

  1. How to conduct oneself in a date
  2. How to carry out an investigation for plane accidents
  3. How to select a tie for a corporate night event or meeting
  4. Organize delivery of pizzas fast even with heavy traffics
  5. How to give a great speech

Demonstration Speech Ideas that are Unique

  1. 1. Making sugarcane juice
  2. Using sand to clean metal rings
  3. Stimulating a heart using a human-made machine.
  4. How deodorants are manufactured
  5. How guns are assembled
  6. How soldiers see enemies at night
  7. How brain surgeons operate a patient

Practical Demonstration Speech Ideas

These are demonstrative speeches based on some practical applications. They should be clear and explain all the details of how certain activities or technical processes are undertaken. What to remember in this case is practical speeches are arranged in such a way that the components of the whole paint a picture to the audience about the final product.

How to Create a Demonstrative Technical Speech for Animation

These speeches are organized to demonstrate the creative process of animated characters such as cartoons. In this type of example, the speaker must a write a demonstration speech that takes the audiences through the process from drawing to editing and to finally producing a cartoon character of either two dimensions or three dimensions.

Additional Demonstration Speech Ideas

The speech idea may be based on demonstrating the following

  • Demonstrating how to plant banana seedlings
  • Showing the titration process,
  • Demonstration of boat riding
  • Event of software installation
  • The activity of making envelopes
  • Presentation of lighting campfire.
  • Display of cleaning a swimming pool
  • Demonstration of getting rid of poisonous snakes inside a house
  • Demonstration of building a basketball net
  • Illustration of inflating a ball.
  • Event of surfing
  • Demonstrating how to make toys using used boxes

Summary of Writing a Demonstration Speech

Establishing the Speaker’s Purpose

The major driving force behind the writer or the speaker interest in dispensing a piece of information to the audience must be clearly elaborated via the establishment of his or her central purpose. This can be presented by truthful statements and a thesis that makes it clear to the audiences that the speaker has something to offer.

The Main Idea and Purpose

Given that speeches are personal and designed to inform, the speaker should vividly say or instead let his or her audience know what exactly he wants to do. For example, a speaker may say
‘My speech will focus on demonstrating how salt can be purified when mixed with soil.’

Introduction of a Demonstration Speech idea

An introduction plays a huge role in attracting the attention of the audience, and for this reason, a speaker must start by using stories, asking questions or by citing famous quotes. The next step is to let the audience know what they will be told by the speaker, the reasons for the topic choice, the value the lesson adds to the audience, and that they will also demonstrate the creation of the idea you are showing.

The Demonstration Speech Outline

The body of the speech should be characterized by vivid procedures or steps that yield to the final output. Mainly, the collection or the outline is arranged in such a manner that the cations to be taken, the practical aspects and the visual aids to support each step is included.

The demonstrable aspects are arranged chronologically to give all the relevant information and moves from one point to the next. Use transitions to bridge the various segments or steps as outlined in the speech. Give real-life accounts and examples of some of the things you have achieved practically and how you did it.

Conclude the demonstration speech by reminding them through a summary of the steps that they are supposed to follow through to accomplish a given task and show the pictures if you have them as visual aids one more time. Take questions from the audience and answer them. It is also essential to engage them and ask one of them to demonstrate the process if time allows. Let the learners or your audience know that you appreciate their time and that the demonstration speech delivered was meant to let them handle some special tasks on their own.


Demonstration speeches are central in introducing new ideas to the audiences on how to accomplish a particular task and just like any other speech, and they require the right arrangement and order to write and deliver them effectively. Demonstration speeches are also important when it comes to involving the audience during speech delivery. Listeners get overjoyed when they feel that that have learned practically. Just like in a chemistry class, theory alone does not give a clearer picture of a scenario, but when two or three elements are practically explained, the learners appreciate the subject more.

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