Endless Creative Writing Prompts

As you already know, writing is an art that needs to be cultivated and fed every day in order to grow and shine. And all writers that want to become better and better at what they do should always count on practice to improve their writing style, vocabulary and techniques. However, there’s another dimension that comes with writing every day to improve your overall skills. You tend to run out of subjects to write about and we all know that writing about something that doesn’t spark joy or any other type of feeling isn’t going to produce the expected results. That’s where writing prompts come into play and become really useful since they can deliver countless subjects to write about. If you find yourself in a place where finding new things to write about is extremely difficult, we come to your aid with a huge list of writing prompts that will give you a subject for daily writing. No matter if you’re into poems, short stories, novels or even just a journal, the writing prompts we propose will help you stretch your imagination for some really cool texts that will contribute to your status as a writer. So, let’s get straight to it and present you the prompts we’ve put together for your inspiration.
  1. Outside your Window – How’s the weather looking when you check your windows? Does it inspire you to write something? If that’s not the case, how about looking through an imaginary window in a place you’d wish to visit?
  2. The Undying love poem – Most of the time, the best place to draw inspiration is directly from our hearts. And nothing keeps the pen going like a story of unshared love or one that did not end as good as you hoped for.
  3. The Vessel – Travelling, even if it’s just in your head, has always been a good source of inspiration. You can easily write about a vehicle that takes you in a different place, be it a real place or a made-believe one.
  4. Dance – Dancing is poetry in motion. Describe who’s dancing as well as the characters in the room, what type of dance are they performing, how does that make them feel?
  5. Food – An endless source of inspiration and at the same time one of the basic needs we have to accomplish as humans. Be it dinner, lunch or breakfast, there are countless stories or poems you can write about food. Or even that first date you had at your favorite café.
  6. New Beginnings – Writing about the first time you met someone or how would it go when you first meet a character you’ve always looked up to can be very inspiring.
  7. Space Travel – Like with many writers before, space travel is a hypnotizing subject that can be explored almost endlessly. Writing about a rocket traveling towards the Moon, Mars or a distant galaxy can help you discover new feelings you never know are there.
  8. Dream Storytelling – Why not use your subconscious as an inspiration source? Writing about a dream you had can generate impressive writing and help you self-analyze at the same time.
  9. Animals – The jackpots! You can always write about your pet since we bet you have numerous stories. If you don’t own a pet, writing about the ideal one is also a very good idea.
  10. Friendship – Not only that your friends define who you are, but they can also be valuable sources of energy and stories for good writing. Tell the story of your most beautiful friendship, how it started and how does that person make you feel.
  11. Dragons – Every time we take a step into the imaginary, there is so much creative energy unleashed that you can write for hours. Imagine a dragon, what’s your interaction with it? Is it friendly or you’re battling? Describe the entire scene as descriptive as possible.
  12. Warm Greetings – Compose a poem or write a short story starting with “Hello”.
  13. Letter Inspired Poem – Starting with a famous letter, or one in your collection, write a poem using mainly words from it.
  14. Build a Poem – After you’re done reading a book, go through it and circle words on various pages then compose a poem using only those words. Can be applied to magazines as well if you want your poem to be more modern.
  15. The Spy – Write a short story or a poem starting from a conversation you have overheard or from a secret someone shared with you in complete confidence.
  16. Addiction – Yes, that’s a strong subject. However, everyone has their addictions in one way or another. Write about the things you simply can’t go without or exploit the same traits in people you know.
  17. Definition Writing – Take a dictionary and open it on a random page, pick a random word and define the meaning of that word for you.
  18. Cleaning – Housework is for everyone. Just because you’re an artist it doesn’t mean you can skip it. So, why not use it as a source of inspiration? All sort of cleaning activities like washing the dishes, doing laundry or dusting can provide numerous subjects for your writing.
  19. Idols – Write about a character you look up to, an idol, that you think has a very beautiful mind.
  20. Missed Connections – Websites we use every day, like Craigslist, can serve as inspiration for what we write. For example, the “Missed Connections” domain on the site we mentioned earlier has some very intriguing stories to inspire you.
  21. Homeless – Sometimes, dramas are the ones that bring out the most creative potential. Writing about a person that is about to lose their house or already went through this process can have remarkable results.
  22. Fog, Haze, and Smoke – Write about confusion, not being able to see the path clear, disorientation.
  23. Sweet – Try writing something so sweet, you can actually feel the taste in your mouth.
  24. Numerology – Write about special numbers in your life or simply about mystic numbers, codes, you name it.
  25. Dread – Expressing your less-positive emotions through writing is therapeutic. Try writing about taking an action you don’t want to.
  26. Fears – Writing about yourself is sometimes the best way to grow. Express your fears, how do you react when you’re scared and what are you feeling.
  27. Locked Doors – Why is the door locked? What lays behind it if you’d open it?
  28. Shadows – Write about being someone’s shadow for a certain period of time. What are you experiencing?
  29. Positive Vibes – Write about things that make you happy, things that make you smile and day dream.
  30. Shopping – Might seem like a subject for the ladies, however, everyone has a wish list. Simply write about the things you’d like to buy and why.
  31. Professors – We all have strong professor figures in our lives, write about the one that had a big influence on you or the one that steered you towards writing in the first place.
  32. Rewrite – You can always take one of your previous works and give it another spin, improve it if you may.
  33. Jewels – Write about riches, jewelry and expensive things. What do they inspire to you? Who do they belong to?
  34. Auditive Emotion – Go outside for one hour ad then write about the sounds you heard, how did they make you feel.
  35. Conflicts – Once again, negative emotions can make a great source for creativity. Transcribe a recent conflict into writing, express your feelings.
  36. Frame Words – Write some phrases or a poem that would make genuine wall art in your house.
  37. Puzzles – Write about the journey of building a puzzle, piece by piece.
  38. Fire – We all know that fires have a strange power over us. Write about the last time you built a fire, how does the flame look like, how does it smell.
  39. Tea and Coffee – You can’t really be a writer without drinking one or the other. Write about the monotone activity of drinking coffee or tea!
  40. Open Roads – Tell the story of someone that just got their license and is about to drive their first car.
  41. Things You Don’t Know – Secrets you’ve kept, things you know are hidden to you, close people keeping secrets from you. Put it on paper!
  42. Warehouse – Describe a whole day inside an old warehouse. How does it feel? What could go on inside?
  43. Silence – Silence can take the place of a thousand words, write about staying completely silent for a long period of time. Or, staying silent when you actually want to shout!
  44. Insults – How does it feel being insulted? Why do people use insults in the first place? What triggers an insult?
  45. Mirrors – Write about the power mirrors have. What if, all of a sudden, the mirror started talking back to you? What would it say?
  46. Dirt – Write a short story about an adventure that ended up in you being totally covered in mud or extremely dirty.
  47. Switching the Light On – Write about the feeling of turning on the lights in a completely dark room, how does it feel to get out of the dark and see the room filled with light.
  48. Astrology – The stars of a night sky provide a lot of inspiration. Write about the beauty of it, the meaning people gave to certain star formations or simply tell the story of a time when the stars felt like aligning in your favor.
  49. Jokes – Write a poem about jokes. Or, write a joke poem. The possibilities are endless.
  50. Saying NO – Describe the feeling you had when you said no to someone the last time. Analyze the power of saying no.
  51. Sunset / Sunrise – The Sun is the most powerful star in our galaxy so imagine what could all that power do to your creative juices.
  52. Memories – A trip down memory lane is always going to bring back something worth writing about. Access any type of memory you want and write about it.
  53. Tears – Write about a move that made you cry. Build a poem around the most sensitive scene in that movie.
  54. Diary Pages – Compose a poem or even a short story leaving from a diary entry you’ve just read or imagined reading.
  55. Hand-Holding – Describe the feeling you had the first time you held someone’s hand.
  56. Photography – An image can replace a thousand words? Look at an old photo and write a short story about it.
  57. Alarms – Nobody likes the feeling, however, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make a great story. Explore waking up and the various rituals involved in it.
  58. Unknown – This is where imagination combines with fear. You can write a short story or a poem about things that you don’t know.
  59. Refreshing – Compose a poem about that time when you managed to totally refresh. Everything from a dip into a pool in summer, a cold drink or a good night’s sleep.
  60. Fragility – Write about a delicate or fragile object or person.
  61. Drama – Tell the story of that time where you were caught in the middle, between two sides arguing over something.
  62. Mistakes – Compose a poem about mistakes and how making them makes everyone feel.
  63. Spices – Write a short story or a poem about various tastes and flavors.
  64. Singing – Re-write a popular song you heard on the radio and give it a new spin.
  65. Phones – Write a short story about a weird phone call you’ve been through recently.
  66. Names – Use your name to build a poem from scratch.
  67. Dollhouse – Create a short story or a poem from the perspective of a person living inside a doll house.
  68. Wikipedia Article – Since the Wikipedia library is so big, why not write short story about a random article?
  69. Weird Sports – Tell the story of a really weird sport or make the rules for a totally new sport.
  70. Recipes – Create a poem about an abstract recipe – like the perfect recipe for love.
  71. Artwork – Pick any famous painting or different type of artwork and create a short story around it.
  72. Childhood – Tell the story of a place in your childhood that is no longer there or is totally changed now. Express your feelings about the disappearance or change of that place.
  73. People You Talked To – Write a short story or a small poem about the last conversation you had.
  74. Caught in the Act – Tell the story of a time when you were caught while doing something weird or embarrassing.
  75. Interviewing – Create a list of questions you would like to address to a real character or a fictional one.
  76. Missing Someone – Write a poem about someone you wish was close to you.
  77. Maps – Choose a place on the map you never saw. Write a poem or a short story about a visit to that location.
  78. Songs – Shuffle through the songs on your player and write something leading from the first track you hear.
  79. Heroes – Describe your childhood, or present, hero.
  80. Strangers – Go to a busy market or just sit on a bench in the park. Write about the people you see around you or focus on just one.
  81. Ads – Starting with the slogan from an ad, write a short story or a different approach for promoting that specific product.
  82. Books – Draw inspiration from your favorite book and compose a poem summing up the story in maximum 10 lines.
  83. Magic – Imagine you could do magic and make things happen out of thin air. Write a short story about what your powers would be and how would you use them.
  84. Favorite Pen – Set aside the laptop for once, take out your favorite pen and write something using it.
  85. Routine – Write about one of your habits or routine you go through.
  86. Muse – Every writer needs a muse. Write about yours, how does she or he look like? How does he or she inspire you?
  87. Stores – Tell the story of an odd experience you had at a convenience store or gas station.
  88. Wonders of the World – Pick one of the seven wonders of the world and write a short story or poem about it.
  89. Social Media – Since Social Media is so present in your lives, why not use it when writing? Use the words from your latest comment or status update and compose a poem.
  90. Plants – Write about growing a plant.
  91. Heirloom – Use an object that’s been in your family for generations and write a short story about it.
  92. Bugs – Yes, bugs! Write about the wonderful life of an insect.
  93. Potions – If you could create a magic potion, what it would do? Does it have an antidote?
  94. Having Fun – Write a short story inspired by a treehouse or playground
  95. Adjectives – Use a list of 5 adjectives that come to your mind and write a poem with them.
  96. Fairytales – Change the ending of a fairytale or re-write it as a modern adventure.
  97. Whispering – Write about secrets and the things that are happening behind closed curtains.
  98. Smiles – Write about what makes you smile.
  99. Seasons – Compose a poem about your favorite season, the activities you like most during that season.
  100. Normality – Write about the meaning of “normal” for you. How does it feel to be normal?
  101. Recycling – Use a piece written sometime in the past and spin it into something completely different.
  102. Closet – Take a good look inside your closet and write a poem about what your clothes are doing when you’re not wearing them.
  103. Hidden Messages – Write a poem or a short story containing a secret message towards someone. A good example is creating an acrostic poem, where you use the letters of the first word to build a code.
  104. Vacay – Write about your last vacation, how did it feel.
  105. Heat - Use the torrid heat in the summer to create a short story on how things get affected by high temperatures.
  106. Magic Spells – Write the recipe for a magic spell
  107. Crosswords – Compose a poem about doing crosswords, sudoku or a jigsaw
  108. Taking Risks – Use the time in your life when you took a risk to build a short story around the event.
  109. Carnivals – When was the last time you went to a street fair? Write a poem about it.
  110. Countryside – Do you have grandparents in the countryside? Write a poem about how it feels when you go visiting.
  111. Questions – Compose a poem with a series of questions with no specific recipient.
  112. Rush – Explore the rush feeling and why we are so caught up in it
  113. Staircases – Look at some staircases and build a poem with a symbolic meaning for stairs
  114. Neighbors – Use the people around you for inspiration, write a poem about your neighbors.
  115. Bruises – Write a short story about a time you physically got bruised up
  116. Saints – Pick any saint and create a short story or poem around his life.
  117. At the Beach – Who doesn’t love the beach? There are plenty of good writing subjects there.
  118. Your Shoes – Write a poem dedicated to your shoes, the roads they lead you on
  119. Your Ex – Again, use your personal experiences as inspiration. Describe your ex in a short story.
  120. Point of View – Tell a tale using entirely your point of view
  121. Stray Animals – Write about a day in the life of a stray cat or dog
  122. Stare – Write a short story about something you just can’t take your eyes of
  123. Bedtime – Describe the bed you sleep in every night, the way it makes you feel
  124. Fireworks – Build a short story around fireworks? Are they inspiring or you just hate the noise and commotion?
  125. Loneliness – Is loneliness a bad thing? Do you like being alone?
  126. Frozen – Go back to a time in your life that you wish you could just freeze and keep forever
  127. Knowledge – Choose a subject you are knowledgeable about and describe it in a short story or even a poem.
  128. Promises – Describe a promise you’ve made that you kept. How about one you didn’t keep ?
  129. Chaos – Write about the chaos we’re facing every day. Is it any order there ?
  130. News – Compose a poem or write a short story starting with a news headline you heard.
  131. Close-up – Compose a description of a close-up object, be very specific
  132. Transport – Write a short story about your favorite way of transportation. A bus ride in nighttime or the subway.
  133. Technology – Write a poem about a new gadget that would make everyone’s lives easier.
  134. Cheesy Stuff – Try your luck with a love poem. It has to be chest and tacky!
  135. Ladders – Compose a poem using a ladder as the main symbol. There’s plenty to work with there.
  136. Weird Holiday – Everyone went through a weird holiday at least once. Be it Thanksgiving when your uncle gets drunk or simply a weird holiday in itself
  137. Blogs – Based on the last blog you’ve read ( can even be your blog) write a short story that continues the events there.
  138. Mailbox – Check the last email you received and create a short story starting from it
  139. Sharing – Tell the story of a time when you shared something with someone close
  140. Cacti – Imagine you’re a cactus and write from that viewpoint. Why do you need all those spines?
  141. Signs – Road signs, divine intervention, you name it! Use all kinds of signs to create art.
  142. Furniture – Use furniture in your home to create a short story. You can give it life or anything in that field.
  143. Failure – Yes, our not so proud moments are good inspiration as well. Use them to create short stories.
  144. Creatures – Make poems about various mystical creatures that exist or build one from scratch
  145. Flying – Mankind’s dream ever since Icarus. Compose a poem around flying, with your own wings.
  146. Transparency – Compose a poem about something you can see through
  147. Breaking the Silence – You can use a record to record yourself and then use the same words put on paper to create a short story.
  148. Feel the Beat – Listen to some music and then try composing a poem to match the beat of the song you’re listening to
  149. Color Palette – Let various colors inspire you in creating a poem or short story about how they were created
  150. Magazine – Open a magazine at a random page and use the first words you see to create the opening line of a short story
  151. Greener Grass – Try writing a short story from the viewpoint of another person in your life that you look up to
  152. Body and Soul – Write a short motivational piece, promoting exercise and workout
  153. Shapes – Write about various shapes and the relationship between them
  154. 21 – compose a short story about your 21st birthday. Or how you imagine it, if you’re younger
  155. Aromas – Compose a poem about various scents you love
  156. Onomatopoeia – compose a poem with lots of onomatopoeia in it
  157. What’s the Time – Write a short story about time and a certain time of day. What is everyone doing? How does your city look like at that hour?
  158. Partying – Are you a party animal or you prefer to avoid such gatherings? Write about what a good part means to you
  159. Manners – Write a poem using a lot of ‘manner words’ like ‘thank you’ or ‘please’
  160. Cliché - Choose one of the most common cliché and write something similar but without making use of the catch phrase.
  161. Eco – Write a short story about any environmental concern you may have
  162. Missing Someone – Compose a poem about someone you miss
  163. Freedom – Write a short story about a time when you had to let something or someone go
  164. Left Out – did you ever felt left out? Write about the emotions you had and the general theme of people not belonging into places
  165. Suitcase – Compose a poem about packing your bags for a trip
  166. Fantasy – Writing about gnomes, fairies and elves is very good to exercise your imagination
  167. Receiving and Giving Back – Write a short story focused on giving and receiving
  168. Baker’s Paradise – Write a poem about the sights and scents inside a bakery
  169. Treehouse – did you have a secret hideaway when you were a kid? If not, write about the ideal treehouse you ever wanted as a child
  170. It’s a Gamble – write a short story about gambling on something
  171. Acrostic – pick a word and then write a poem in such a way that the first word of every verse uses a letter of the word
  172. Crossword Puzzles – Find a crossword puzzle and then build a poem using the clues inside it
  173. Silver Lining – compose a short story about the good that comes in every bad situation
  174. Warm gloves – write a poem about your favorite pair of gloves. How do they feel on a cold winter day?
  175. Glitter – use a poem or a short story to focus on a very shiny object
  176. Jealousy – write a short story focusing on jealousy and envy
  177. Backyard Garden – write about a plant or flower that decided to grow in hostile conditions
  178. Jury Duty – compose a short story around a courtroom
  179. Gits – compose a poem about giving or receiving gifts
  180. Avoiding Something – write a short story for a moment in which you tried very hard to avoid something bad
  181. Discovery – write a short story about a new discovery you’ve made or an important breakthrough
  182. Complaints – write about things you’d like to complain about
  183. Gratitude – write a journal entry or a poem expressing gratitude for all the good things in your life
  184. Chemistry – choose a random chemistry element and compose a poem around it
  185. Applause – compose a short story about receiving a standing ovation
  186. New Beginnings – look for an old poem of yours and use the last line in it to write a new one
  187. Longing – write a short story about something you want to do
  188. Yourself – write a short story or a motivational piece about the positive traits you posses
  189. Rainbows – write a poem about the beauty and mysticism of a rainbow
  190. A Museum – write about your last visit to the museum or go on a new one and put it into words
  191. Cartoons – describe your favorite cartoon character in writing
  192. Copycats – use a famous line to start a poem of your own
  193. Time Traveling – if you could simply travel through time, what era would you go to? Explain why in a short story.
  194. Rooftop – imagine yourself on a rooftop and try to compose a message for everyone below you
  195. New places – write a short story about living in a different place every day
  196. Neighborhood – compose a poem about your neighborhood, things you love, specifics
  197. Pirates – write a short story about life on a pirate ship
  198. Interviewing Yourself – imagine you’re your own interviewer. What questions would you ask?
  199. Hiding – do you have a favorite hiding spot? If not, imagine one and write about it, how you feel when you’re inside.
  200. Makeovers – imagine changing your appearance and write about the experience
  201. Empathy – write about feelings of compassion or empathy towards someone
  202. Opposites – compose a poem about two opposites being tied together
  203. Feeling Bored – write a short story about boredom and how it can be fought
  204. Strength – use a personal moment when you’ve been very strong from both a physical and emotionally point of view and draw inspiration from that to write a poem
  205. Hunger – write a short story using the perspective of a homeless man with no money for food
  206. Greed – write a poem about someone who wants it all
  207. Volcanos – describe a volcanic eruption in a short story
  208. Inspiring Videos – visit a video platform, choose a random video and write about the things you saw in it
  209. Sneeze – write a poem about what makes people sneeze
  210. First Steps on the Moon – write about the first men on the Moon, how would it feel if you were up there
  211. Rome and Juliet – write a short story about a modern version of Romeo and Juliet, a couple that isn’t allowed to consummate their love
  212. Weird Fonts – choose a peculiar font and use it to type a poem with it
  213. Schedules – we all know schedules are important. Write a poem about how a day in your calendar looks like
  214. Grandparents – write a poem or a short story on what your grandparents mean to you
  215. Collage – randomly cut words from a magazine and then use them so write a poem
  216. Home Alone – write a short story about a day when you’re home alone
  217. Waterfalls – picture the last waterfall you’ve seen and write about its flow, the energy inside
  218. First Kiss – that tacky poem about your first kiss that you’ll love to read years after
  219. Irony – write a short story about an ironic moment in your life
  220. Limerick – why not? Compose a limerick right now!
  221. Groceries – compose a short story about your last trip to the grocery store
  222. Fashion – browse a fashion magazine and write a poem on a style you adore
  223. Nearly There – write a short story of a time when you were really close of meeting your goal
  224. Drinks for Everyone – write a short story taking place in a bar where you’re the one that gets the next round for everyone
  225. Online Friends – write a poem about someone you’ve met online and become close friends with
  226. Admiration – tell that someone you admire how you feel about them in a poem
  227. Trash – write a short story using a garbage collector’s point of view
  228. SMS – check your phone, go to the last SMS you received and compose a poem using the words in it
  229. Fresh and Clean – compose a poem about how your skin feels after taking a shower
  230. Energy – write about what gives you energy
  231. Rhyme for the Fun of It – compose a poem solely for the rhyme by using made up words if you have to
  232. Tech Support – use a conversation with someone in tech support as inspiration for a short story
  233. Hotels – write from the perspective of a hotel room and the various persons it welcomed over the years
  234. Underwater – write about the creatures hidden deep in our oceans. What’s under the surface?
  235. Breathing – do some deep breathing techniques for a few minutes and then, once you cleared your mind, write about the first things that come to you
  236. Liars – compose a poem filled with lies about you or people around you
  237. Obituaries – yes, it may sound creepy but wait for it. Look at the obituaries in the local newspaper and write a short story about the life of the person you read about
  238. Pocket – look inside the pockets of a jacket you didn’t wear for a while and compose a poem with the objects you find inside
  239. Cinquain – provoke yourself to write a cinquain-style poem
  240. Alphabet – no we’re not talking about Google’s mother company. Write a poem in which every verse starts with the letters of the alphabet in order
  241. Comedy – write a short story inspired by something you heard at a comedian
  242. Cheater – compose a short story about a person that was unfaithful
  243. Sestina – try your luck with a sestina poem
  244. Fighting – compose a short story about a fight you witnessed or a stronger argument
  245. Social Networks – write a short story about how our lives would’ve looked like without social networks
  246. Peaceful – compose a poem about a serene and peaceful place you’d like to visit
  247. Up in the Clouds – go outside and watch the clouds then write a poem or short story about the shapes you saw
  248. In the Park – go in your local park and then write about the scenes, animals and events taking place there
  249. Sonnet – why not try writing a sonnet?
  250. Could, Would and Should – write a poem using mostly the words would, should and could
  251. How to – compose a poem in which you give indications on how to achieve something
  252. Alliteration – compose a poem filled with alliterations
  253. Poker Face – write a short story about taking part in an intense, high-stakes poker game
  254. Timer – set your phone timer on 5 minutes and start writing, see what you come up with
  255. Dancer – write a poem about the way a dancer feels the rhythm and transforms it into movements
  256. Choose a Cause – compose a poem or write an essay that aims to raise awareness for a cause
  257. Magic Tricks – write a poem about a magician or one of his magic tricks
  258. Fresh out of the Box – imagine finding a mysterious box. Write about what you will find inside when opening it
  259. Influencer – write a short story about a person in your life that influenced you greatly
  260. Forgotten Toy – write a short story from the point of view of a toy that got lost as the child grew up
  261. Gems and Rocks – write about the meaning of a precious stone or a gemstone
  262. Remote Control – write a short story starting with the scenario of having a remote control to rewind or fast-forward your life
  263. Symbols – write a story about the symbol meaning of different objects, animals or events
  264. At the end of the Tunnel – compose a poem about that time when you believed until the end in what looked like a hopeless situation
  265. Fire and Smoke – starting from the saying “where there’s smoker, there is also fire” write a poem or a short story
  266. Railroad – compose a poem about a train following the railroad and the passengers or cargo it transports
  267. Clipboard – take a look at your office clipboard and compose a poem with the words found there
  268. Shipwreck – imagine being stranded on an island after a shipwreck
  269. Quotes – compose a poem using only quotes you like
  270. Mind Maps – try to create a mind map of phrases, words and ideas. Then, using that mind map create a poem or short story
  271. Patterns – compose a poem about repeating patterns
  272. Scrapbook – imagine finding a scrapbook and all the memories it brings back
  273. Cure – write a short story about finding the cure for an illness
  274. Email Subjects – try composing a poem using the first ten subject lines in your email
  275. Wishful Thinking – write a short story about one of your wishes
  276. Doodle – just doodle on a piece of paper for 10 minutes and then try to write about what came in mind while doing so
  277. Chalkboard – imagine you’re back in the classroom and the chalkboard could talk to you. What does it say to you?
  278. Sticky – write a short story about a very sticky situation
  279. Flashlight – write a short story in which you’re in a very dark place and a flashlight is the only source of light
  280. A Place Far Away – imagine travelling to a new place, be it fictional or real. Write about your adventure.
  281. Farm Days – write about how your life would go living at a farm
  282. Promises – compose a short story where you make promises to yourself and steps you take to keep them
  283. Brick Wall – compose a poem about the brick wall that many faces literarily or figuratively
  284. Choices – compose a poem about a time when you went through difficult choices that had to be made
  285. Repeat – write a short story about a moment when you had to repeat yourself or felt like nobody was listening
  286. Outcast – compose a poem or essay on how does it feel when someone is not accepted
  287. Monsters – write about things that frighten you, fictional or not
  288. Sacrifice – compose a poem about something you sacrifice for a greater good
  289. Imperfections – compose a poem about the awesomeness of being flawed
  290. Birthdays – compose a poem about the joy of birthdays. Be it you own or someone in the family
  291. Title First – start writing a short story by coming up with a series of titles and then come with the story to back it up
  292. Job Interview – compose a piece about a job interview you went on. Describe the entire process
  293. Get Well Soon – imagine someone you care about is in the hospital and write a poem to make them feel better
  294. Lost – write a poem or short story about how does it feel when you’re lost in a crowd
  295. An Apple a Day – write short stories concerning health and leaving a healthy life
  296. Cravings – write a short poem about the craving we all feel in certain moments of life
  297. Phobia – look into some of the most common phobias and write short stories about how life is for people suffering from them
  298. In the Moment – write about how great it is to live in the moment and always be aware of the stuff around you
  299. Concrete – write a short story from the perspective of a piece of concrete and the people stepping on it
  300. Astronomy – write a short piece about an astronomer and his passion for the stars
  301. An Old House – write a short story about an abandoned house being renovated and the new life it can expect
  302. Clutter – if you’re experiencing a lot of clutter in your home, go through it and then write about the entire process of organizing and how did you tackle it
  303. Fly a Kite – why not write about flying a kite?
  304. TV Inspiration – turn on the TV and flip through channels until you find something that catches your eye. Write about it
  305. Fruits – compose a poem as an ode to a fruit
  306. Long Distance – create a short story about a couple separated by distance and the struggles they go through
  307. Glasses – compose a poem from the perspective of a pair of glasses
  308. Robots – since AI is all around us, write about how robots will influence our lives
  309. Adorable – compose a love poem for someone you find adorable
  310. Movies – starting from the last movie you saw, create a short story that continues the story
  311. Easy Does It – compose a short story about getting something done effortlessly
  312. Idioms – research a list of idioms and choose the ones that speaks to you most and build a poem around that phrase
  313. Playground - no matter if you draw inspiration from the sandbox or swings, you can draw your inspiration for writing from your childhood playground
  314. Romance – compose a short story about the romantic gestures partners usually do for each other
  315. Rock Star – picture yourself as a rock star and write about the experiences you go through
  316. Come to Life – write short stories about various objects coming to life and how they will behave
  317. Airplanes – write about a long airplane ride, meeting someone new and the entire interaction
  318. Beauty – compose a poem about the experiences women go through for beauty and what is the standard in your region
  319. Determination – write essays about never giving up
  320. Instruments – listen to instrumental music and then try to write a poem to match the beat, mood and feeling of the music you just listened
  321. Waiting Your Turn – write a short story about how it is a good idea to wait until the best moment to do something
  322. Personality – you can compose short stories or essays on personality and how it influences our journey through life
  323. Decades – write a bout a decade in the past and why you consider it to be the best time ever
  324. Believes – write a personal statement of things you believe in
  325. Lost and Found – document the experience of losing an object that was dear to you
  326. Just Say It – compose a poem about two people that love each other but don’t have the courage to say it
  327. Unsent Letter – imagine the world from a perspective of an unsent letter, what words are inside?
  328. Windows for the Soul – compose a poem about how a person feels inside versus what they show on the outside
  329. Errors – compose a poem about an experience that you had to go through the hard way
  330. Escaping – write a short story about your happy place where you would go to escape everything
  331. Cooking – tell the story of a childhood dish that still makes you shiver when you think about it
  332. Records – swipe through a box filled with old records and write about the things you felt when doing so
  333. Banking – may sound boring to most of you, but write about a visit to the bank and the entire process
  334. Sweet Talk – write about how it is to try and convince someone about a certain matter
  335. Serendipity – compose a short story about something happening by chance and influenced you in a positive way
  336. Distractions – write about the way you feel when you simply can’t focus on anything
  1. Work – write a poem about how going to work gives you balance
  2. Word of the Day – visit a word-of-the-day website and use that word in a poem
  3. Pick Me Up – what’s your strategy when you could use a pick meu up? Write about it
  4. Unfinished – write a short story about an important project that was left unfinished due to complications
  5. Forgiveness – create a short story in which one of the characters forgives someone
  6. Weakness – open up about your weaknesses in a poem or a diary entry
  7. Getting Started – compose a poem about the thrill of starting a new project
  8. Mechanics – find your inspiration by thinking of gears, machines and moving parts
  9. Acts of Kindness - write a short story about the last time you did a random act of kindness. Or when such an act was directed towards you
  10. Underground – compose a piece about life underground for a longer period of time
  11. Rock’n Roll – think of your favorite rock’n roll band and write a short story about how it would be to spend a day with them
  12. Night Owl – write a poem about all those long nights you spent working and writing
  13. Magnetic – compose a poem about how a mutual attraction can appear out of nothing
  14. Teamwork – write an essay on how working together is the best way to achieve a greater goal
  15. Roller-Coaster – write short stories about the similitudes between life and a roler-coaster, the ups and downs.
  16. Motivational Poster – take a look at a motivational poster and use the idea to write an argumentative essay around it
  17. Games – write poems about the games people like to play, figuratively
  18. Turning Point – compose a poem about one time when life simply turned around for you
  19. Spellbound – write a short story about a witch that uses a very powerful spell to make people do certain things
  20. Anniversary – compose a poem as a gift for someone you love
  21. Gamble – write about luck, fate and gambling as an activity
  22. Picnics – write a short story where a family goes to a picnic and something extraordinary happens
  23. Garage – check out your garage and write about random things you find inside
  24. Review – if you’re really out of new ideas, just write about how your day went or even an entire week. It could make a great short story or even a poem
  25. Detective – imagine you’re a private investigator for one day and you need to solve a mystery
  26. Camera – go out and take random photos with your camera. Then, go back at your desk and try to write a poem for each photo you’ve taken
  27. Visiting Relatives – why not create a short story about a boring family visit and what you do to make things more interesting
  28. Trust – compose a poem about trusting someone entirely
  29. Congrats – now you have ideas to write poems, short stories or journal entries for each day of the year. To congratulate yourself, write something to celebrate this occasion!
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