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To many people, they would think that writing is not one of the most challenging tasks to undertake; however, the reverse is the truth. Essay conclusions have proven to be some of the most tasking undertakings that writers must do. In as much as it is a segment of the entire work, a lot goes into it, and as a serious writer or one who needs to be taken seriously, you must do it right. It takes longer than one would imagine drafting excellent conclusions for essays; therefore; the writer is advised to desist from any temptation of overlooking the delivery process. Reasonably, examples of essay conclusions have been purposefully created to help you with an idea of how to start without running into the hurdles.

Writing the Ending Section/Conclusions

Purposefully a concluding paragraph goes beyond providing some summary about the points one has gathered and explained in his or her mid-section text. It is vital to take note of the fact that a conclusion restates the statement of thesis besides being the most critical final word to the readers. More so, a concluding section states a writer’s finding and persuades the readers to take note of them so that they can act by either doing further studies or contend with your argument. It is for this reason that your conclusion must be as good as the essay itself, and it must be appealing and convincing to your audiences.

Considerably, the concluding paragraph must be as concise as possible and concrete with compelling reasons to make the readers believe you as the writer. It is therefore imperative to accentuate the main points that are informing the conclusion, and there must be consistency and harmony with the rest of the parts.

A writer may as well apply patterns that are of value as they appear below:

  • Apply the inverted pyramid style of writing whereby the most important and weight points are presented first; then the least important ones appear last.
  • Restate the thesis statement in a similar way to your readers.
  • Propose an action for the readers or try and ask a question warranting their response

Remember some excellent analytical and organization skills must precede that good conclusion writing. All the information gathered and presented in the body of your article must be well presented in conclusion. This implies that while preparing to initialize the process, you must arrange the points in such a manner that you will sort them based on their strengths and relevance. The assortment and order will reflect in the content of your essay conclusion. Effectively, your closing comments are very vital, and it’s, therefore, your task as the reader to consider the points concerning the impact you intend to create and what sort of action you expect from your reader.

In summary, the following are some of the descriptive features of a conclusion to an essay:

  • It is the last and most crucial perspective you are advancing to your readers so that they can have a mental framework of your essay.
  • A conclusion is a final disclosure of what you as the writer regards as the essential take-homes.
  • An essay conclusion is the last defense to your thesis statement and a restatement of it. You should never treat it lightly.
  • It serves as proof that you have succeeded in fulfilling your promise to the readers
  • The conclusion shows that the writer has accomplished the writing task and has indeed considered all the writing processes.

When writing a conclusion for your essay, its organization ought to be simple and impactful. The sentence structure must take into account the clarity of thoughts, the logical flow, and the smooth transitions. Ideally, given that the role of a concluding statement is varied, the best approach would be to consider an arrangement that:

  • Reminds your readers about your thesis statement by restating it
  • Drawing from the beginning paragraph or the introductory paragraph, the main ideas
  • Bringing from the first paragraph of the body the main ideas
  • Drawing from the second paragraph of the body the main ideas
  • Drawing from the third paragraph of the body the main ideas
  • Summarizing the writer’s thoughts by offering answers to the most critical questions that the essay is addressing

Importantly, the writer should ensure that the sentences in his or her conclusion reflect the points discussed in the body. The total number of the sentences making up the conclusion for an essay will also depend on the length of the piece itself. Of importance for a writer is to master the skills for staring a reasonable conclusion. Of course, a conclusion for an essay cannot be in the middle of the article, but it comes at the end of your work. This means that how you intend to let your readers know that you are on the finish line matters. Do not confuse the readers by being ambiguous.

Among the points to remember include:

  • The sentences making up the essay conclusion should not be exactly as those used in the introductory paragraph
  • Remember that the beginning paragraph of the essay offers a broader perspective of the whole concept and for this reason; the conclusion paragraph must strive to narrow down the idea for the readers to understand

Examples for Essay Conclusion

What is important to note in this part is that there are variations in terms of how different essay conclusions are written. The narrative essay conclusion, the argumentative essay conclusion, and the explanatory essay conclusions both differ in approach and conclusion writing. Provided below are some of the conclusion examples factoring the discussions contained in this article.

An Example of a Conclusion of Analytical Paper

An analytical paper provides in-depth information concerning a topic. It gives details and brings to the fore the significant issues that the readers want to know about the subject of discussion. Here is an example of a conclusion to this type of essay:

To conclude, social media has had a negative influence on the youth. In as much as it is an essential communication tool, it has affected the interpersonal and family relations to the extent that many teenagers find it more convenient to spend a lot of their time visiting online platforms some of which contain negative information. The moral decadence in the world can today be partly blamed on online sites propagating pornography, terrorism, and radicalization. If we are to create a good society, then the youths who are the backbone of any progressive society must use social media in moderation and only pick what is right from different sites online.

An Example of a Persuasive Essay Conclusion

The main task of persuasive essays is to convince a reader to take a particular stand or position. To persuade, you must influence the other person to take action on your proposition or your idea. This type of essay also employs the same organization style just like a lot of articles, i.e.

  • Restating the thesis statement
  • Telling the readers about the main points at least two
  • Calling for some action by your readers

It is also important to note that at this point, the writer should not write the thesis stamen as it appeared in the introduction but can highlight part of it.

Here is a persuasive essay conclusion example:

Finally, the level of corruption at the government offices is hindering the provision of essential services even though the public is heavily taxed. I have seen state officers abscond their  constitutional duties just because someone refused to pay a bribe. It is your duty as a loyal citizen to join the forces that champion for corruption free country. Stand up for your future and add a voice against the vice.

Writing an Expository Essay Conclusion

This type of essay reveals to the reader something they need to know with regards to the different positions they have adopted. The conclusion of this type of essay ends perfectly and does not circumscribe the significant issue or the topic of discussion. Here is a conclusion example of an expository essay:

Some people think that terrorism is the biggest threat to the United States of America. On the contrary, others believe that it is the quality of leadership elected that poses a significant risk to the success and  progress of the country; both matter in the sense that good leaders will fight terrorism with a sense of justice and not just for political reason.

Writing Narrative Essay Conclusion

For starters, narrative essays are basically about telling a story, and their conclusion is more personalized as compared to some other types of essays. In this case, the story is on personal experience or just fiction, and as such, it doesn’t have to be factual in terms of the conclusion. All that should appear at the end of this type of essay is an element of time, something about the character and the actions contained within the article.

When we finally met, Joe and I were extremely excited. We sat down on a couch and reflected at the good old times when we were kids, our dreams, and how we played and joked together while we were in school. Such memories made us laugh again. I’m delighted that he came back from England after staying in London for seven years.

Writing English Essay Conclusion

The good thing about this type of conclusion is that it all about the English language and in most cases, authors does us a favor by writing a conclusion. In as much as it seems complicated to create such a conclusion.

English Essay Conclusion Example

Dobchinsky and Bobchinsky as the two characters in the book the government inspector by Nicolai Gogol Orwell are portrayed rumor peddles in the society whose ears listens to everything and lives out nothing.


Conclusion examples are essential components of excellent essays, and they give the final thoughts of the writer; it is necessary to look at some of those that have been provided to get knowledge of how to write a reasonable conclusion for an essay. Considerably, the best approach to writing excellent conclusion lies with prior research, whereby the writer tries to compare various articles from various authors. Writing skills emanate from the use of imagination. The content of the conclusion, just as provided in the examples, must be of value addition to the reader.

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