Tips for Formatting Your University Application Essay

Consider this: your university application essay ought to stimulate your application. It must portray your persona, elucidating your identity past a progression of test scores plus co-curricular activities. Nonetheless, you need not worry since you get the opportunity to pick what to wish to share plus the manner in which you’ll share it.

Pause for a moment and ponder the university admission officials who’ll be perusing your paper. By what means will your paper communicate your backdrop plus the things which make you exceptional? In case you got the chance to stand before an admissions board to share a noteworthy narrative or significant info concerning yourself, what might you disclose? The university application paper is your opportunity to share your persona, life objectives, trials, achievements, and why you should be granted admission.

When you are applying to university, you might begin to worry about the format of your university application paper, that is, the margins, font, etc. You might also be worrying about the way you’ll arrange your thoughts.

This article is going to look at what entails formatting a university application essay. In addition, we are going to look at small formatting details issues like headings plus fonts, among other formatting details.

Fonts, Margins, Etc. Concerning Formatting University Application Papers

A University application paper can be considered as a narrative paper whereby you ought to depict your scholastic skills plus their uniqueness. Even though the edifice of a narrative paper generally relies upon the author's story, there’re some regulations with regards to text formatting. It’ll rely upon whether you’ll be copying plus pasting into a text box or incorporating a paper which is formatted together with your application.

In any case, you must confirm with the selected university. At present, the technique preferred by the universities is entering your paper through copy plus pasting it in the given space.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that some universities permit you to send a physical application essay by post, which may allow you extra control over the formatting. We recommend not sending your application via post because:

  • Some universities have a preference for online applications, despite the fact that this won't lessen the chances of your admission being granted. You ought to abide by the preferences of the chosen university when finishing your application.
  • Paper applications tend to be undependable - Whereas an online application may likewise bring about issues, you will be alerted sooner plus you’ll not need to wait for your lost mail to be sent back to you. Moreover, with an online application, you’ll be more certain that your paper will be received.

It does not matter the manner in which you application paper. Nevertheless, what’s significant is that you produce it within a word processor application. With a word processor, you’ll possess have several useful tools at your disposal, for instance, spell check. In addition, your paper’s appearance will be more appealing.

Additional Tips Which Will Add Flavor to University Application Paper

  • You have invested a great deal of time plus endeavor in creating your paper, so remember to incorporate the important contact info such as your ID number plus name.
  • Compose about something which is significant to you – It may be an encounter, an individual, a book—something which has impacted your life.
  • Do not simply describe, also reflect – Any person can compose about how they won the major event or the summer they spent in Barcelona. When recollecting these occasions, you have to provide more than the itinerary. Depict what you gained from the experience plus the way in which it transformed you.
  • Being entertaining is extreme - A learner who can amuse an admissions official may be an added advantage. However, you need to be careful. What you believe is humorous, plus what a grown-up working in a university believes is humorous are most likely dissimilar. We like to warn against the use of anything off-color plus one-liners.
  • Begin early plus compose a few drafts - Keep it aside for a couple of days then peruse it once more. Imagine you are the admissions official: Is the paper fascinating? Do the notions flow in a logical manner? Does it disclose something regarding the applicant?
  • Avoid repetition - What you compose in your application paper or individual statement ought not to disprove some other segment of the application– neither should it replicate it. This is not the place where all your awards should be listed or talk about your test scores.
  • Respond to the query being posed – Do not reuse a response to a similar query from another application.
  • Let another individual edit your paper – An educator may be the ideal person to do so. What's more, before you send it, look at it once more to ensure that your paper does not have any spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  • Do not lose concentration and make sure you’re particular about how the query identifies with your individual attributes, and then focus on that approach. Try not to utilize ambiguous language and go off topic.
  • Strive to be creative. This is the ideal time to choose an angle which best mirrors your innovative side.
  • In addition, strive to be honest as this will reveal who you are. Do not attempt to compose what you assume the admissions official needs to peruse.

The Use of University Essay Templates Isn’t a Great Idea

You may come across various university paper templates online which provide instructions on structuring your paper plus what to state in every paragraph. We, nonetheless, do not advocate for template usage.

Your application paper will appear lackluster if a template is utilized. It will be ideal for you to ponder the things you wish to state, then after that discuss about the ideal way of structuring it with another person plus come up with your practice frameworks before beginning the composition of your paper.

Moreover, you’ll come across several effective examples of application essays on the web. You can examine them to get to know various techniques plus subjects. However, it isn’t advisable to model your paper in the style of these online sample papers. Your essay will shine if it mirrors your original voice plus the encounters which are significant to you.

Copying plus Pasting Into a Text Box

The primary concern when you’re copy pasting is to confirm several times if everything was moved accurately:

  • To begin with, check to find if the entire paper transferred over plus was not cut off.
  • Amount of words might get bungled by skewed formatting. Therefore you may have to carry out some alterations.
  • While copying plus pasting, formatting styles such as bold or italics might be lost. At times bold plus italics likewise will not function in the text box, thus the ideal thing to do is not to utilize them.
  • Your subsection spacing might also become bungled when copying plus pasting your paper. Therefore ensure your essay’s subsections are well defined. You can utilize tabs.
  • Your text’s font might perhaps be standardized: however, in the event that it's not, pick a regular font type, for instance, Times New Roman plus a typical size (12 pt).

Attaching a Document

When attaching a document, you ought to concentrate on the entire university paper format. Things such as spacing plus margins end up becoming increasingly significant.

  • Utilize 1 inch margins all over. It is typical plus simple to peruse.
  • Define your subsections properly. A solitary tab at the start is okay.
  • You might need to incorporate a title with a page number plus your application ID. Try not to incorporate your name except if it's particularly asked for.
  • Whereas single-spaced papers are normally adequate, your paper is going to be simpler to peruse if it's double spaced or 1.5.
  • Utilize a simple to peruse font, for example, Arial and Calibri. Keep away from fonts such as Bauhaus 93 plus Gigi. Also, utilize 12 pt font size.
  • At times, you will have to present your university application essay in a particular document format. The application might only acknowledge particular Word document adaptations (for example just .doc or .pdf documents). Therefore, simply make certain that your file is saved in an acknowledged format before uploading it. .pdf documents are highly recommended, in light of the fact that they cannot be edited plus they always appear to be identical.

Formatting Strategies Applicable in All Techniques Utilized in Submitting Your Essay

  • You do not need to incorporate a title if you’ve not been explicitly asked to include one.
  • Shun excessively informal formatting selections such as needless symbols, emojis, plus ALL CAPS. Your application paper ought to be professional, and anything which is very casual will portray immaturity.

You might not concern yourself with minor issues such as font style plus size, but concern yourself with bigger issues. You might end up asking yourself if there’s a formula towards achieving the suitable balance of easily articulating your thoughts plus absolutely impressing the university admissions board.

Regrettably, there exists no such formula. However, a university admission paper offers a great opportunity to try out your ingenious side instead of utilizing the 5-subsection paper. Your paper’s beginning should notify the reader where you’re heading with your paper, while the ending ought to recap everything suitably plus the reader left with a feeling of completion.


When applying to go university, some universities will ask you to send an essay as part of your application. It may seem like a challenging undertaking; however, your application essay might set you apart from other applicants, and eventually secure admission. The information provided above will assist you in coming up with a great paper for your university application.

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