Cause and Effect Essay

Everything in this world is connected. Especially when it comes to everyday encounters. Life is circular, and our emotions and natural phenomena connect our world in a myriad of ways. Students interested in the interrelationships and connections of things would benefit a lot from learning how to begin a cause and effect essay, to write a strong body, and finish with a great conclusion. Students should not feel alone in completing this task because there are plenty of resources that will aid them in writing the best possible essay. According to experts in a cause and effect essay, the writer should pay attention to principal causes and the events that occur, which are the results or effects of those causes. Any reason and result relationship, which is seen by you, should be an excellent topic for your cause and effect essay.

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

It is very important to understand what a cause and effect essay is, and what its' key principles are. It is a writing that considers an event, and what happens as a result of that event. A reason for something or an event that occurs something else happening - is the basis of the cause and effect essay. The first step in starting an essay is to come up with an outline. The outline exists as the cornerstone for the beginning of an essay and like a road map that allows you to write all the points in your writing. To start an outline, you should write down all the ideas you want to mention in your essay, then put them in the order in which they will go into your paper. You will start with a small intro to the topic. Then follows a thesis - statement that declares the point or argument of your essay. The first paragraph of the body of your writing should consist list of causes. The second paragraph should be sufficient. The third one should show the result. The conclusion should restate the thesis while also highlighting the new information you presented in your writing. If you're looking for an excellent example of a statement thesis on a particular topic, you can start with listing a fact or statistic that is the root cause of a real-world occurrence, resulting in a specific effect. For example, the number of traffic accidents in an area increasing as an effect caused by the raised speed limit. A typical outline for a cause and effect essay would be something like this:
  • An introduction, which starts with information and facts
  • The topic and thesis of your work
  • Three causes and three effects
  • A conclusion which summarises everything written in the body.
The information you have provided has an impact on the root message in your introduction and thesis. A strong opening like an attention-getting statement will make your teacher want to know more and will pique their interest in reading further. Next, you should present information in the most precise way. If your writing has one cause with multiple effects, you should include all the results that will be in the body of the essay. If you have various reasons with a singular effect, you should list the causes and the effect. To create a strong thesis, you will include your point and opinion related to that point (which is the basis for your essay), and finally, the statement should be clear and easy to read. An example of a good thesis would be: Many things are more expensive for people with bad credit.

How to Write a Great Cause and Effect Essay?

Writing a good cause and effect paragraph is very helpful. To do this, you must follow an outline model with each paragraph. There are two ways to do this, by listing events in their chronological order or by listing them by subject and result. There are also ways to indicate the order of events and cause by the language you use. For example, before/now would be the way in which you indicate the first and last parts chronologically of a cause and effect event. Include the most important information at the beginning of the paragraph, followed by the most decisive results listed in order of importance at the end of the essay. Another critical aspect of writing, this kind of essay is using transition words and phrases to show the connections between the causes and effects. There are many examples of transition words and phrases. Some of them include before (cause) and after (effect). A writer can also choose to list causes separately from effects. You can then support each cause with the reinforcing effect. An example of this would be a list of reasons followed by listing the information which causes an effect. Another thing that can help you is by listing examples of cause and effect reactions that are related to the thesis of your paper. An example of this would be like staying up all night studying (cause) and then sleeping too late the next day (effect).

Tips & Tricks

Many tricks will help you with your cause and effect essay. Keeping the thesis in mind as you write the body of the paper as a great way to remain on topic. You should also consider whether or not, the goal of the essay is to be informative or persuasive and right in a way that reinforces the corresponding objective. It is your choice in how you wish to present the information, but it is helpful to think of the writing like a speech, and you want to write in a way that will connect you with your readers in the way a speech connects with an audience. You can do this in many ways, such as by telling jokes or stories that support your thesis. You should limit the use of ambiguous causes and effects and concentrate on the causes and effects where the outcome is easily provable and determined. When you finish the essay, you can start asking yourself should you put the causes and results under a bigger lens, and whether or not, they form a chain reaction.

What Topics Should You Choose?

There are many great topics for a cause and effect essay. Before picking a topic, make sure there is a wide availability of information on the subject so that it will be easier to find information online and through other resources to craft your essay. Some topics include consequences of pet ownership, uploading the wrong image to social media and the results. Any event occurs outcome, and that is a great topic for a cause and effect essay. The central theme can be personal, technological, related to the potential consequences of science, or a current event taken from the news or involving psychology or gender studies.


Being able to visualize cause and result events in your life is a powerful tool that will help you when you are writing your essay. Examples of this would be like how no one wants to hang out with a specific person because they are always asking for favors. Another example would be someone choosing a major in college that corresponds to what there are. A third example would be the good and the opposing effects of a new law that your community passed. It is totally up to you to choose how you want to present and interpret the information. Studying existing examples written by college students and their professors is a great way to familiarize yourself with the structure of these essays. We hope that this article has helped you to write great essays. Remember that getting good at writing is achieved from trial and error, so why not start writing today?
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