The best argumentative essay topic examples

Essay writing is a permanent part of any student's education since middle school. With time, topics get more complicated, and the requirements get more challenging. Ideally, you should practice as often as possible. Besides, you'll have to come up with an exciting topic on any subject, and reveal it in accordance with guidelines for writing a specific type of essay. As it is the case with any other type, writing an argumentative essay relies on exercising three major skill groups:

  • research,
  • analytical,
  • and writing.

No student in the world can master those without persistence and regular practice. These efforts will pay off when you have to do with various reports and speeches in your future career. For example, the goal of argumentative essays is developing your ability to make a statement and prove it with a set of arguments you've come up with during your research. This essay type is very common for a wide range of disciplines because the skills it requires are essential for one's professional activity no matter what area they may choose.

How to select a topic for an argumentative essay

Often, students think that life would be much easier if they were very always assigned a topic by the teacher. At the first steps, your teacher will at least offer you some topics, merely to give you a clue what an argumentative essay should be about. But later, you might be left on your own. On the bright side, being forced to select a proper topic is excellent for your independence as a researcher. After several attempts, you will find out about:

  • your level of expertise in a field,
  • the importance of different topics to society in general and your audience in particular,
  • and the most useful tools to present the information and your point of view.

Choosing a topic and researching it should be based on using credible, up-to-date sources. While it is evident that one should use scientific ones for research, like books and academic journals, for choosing a topic you might need entirely different sources. These might be newspapers, online magazines, or even social media, – anything that will show you the big picture of what people are interested in. Mind that you can only cite academic sources. Any other ones are only for your information.

Don’t choose a topic that doesn’t ring a bell to you at all. Indeed, it is always interesting to learn about new things, but your time is limited. So, unless you want to fail meeting your deadline, you should minimize the work that has to be done.

What makes you stuck from the very beginning is procrastination caused by the lack of good topic ideas. In this article, we have listed argumentative essay topics on various subjects to inspire you on your way of academic writing.

Argumentative essay topics that are easy to reveal

Some things are discussed more often than others, not just with one’s teachers and fellow students but with friends and family, too. These can make a reasonable basis for an easy argumentative essay topic. What is vital here is to word them right. Note that it is possible to fail even the easiest topic if you don’t pay enough attention to instructions and guidelines.

  • Why we need education
  • The connection between obesity and lifestyle
  • Can parents monitor what websites students visit?
  • Joining military forces should be a grounded choice people make for themselves
  • Can we only select subjects we like?
  • The importance of extracurricular activities
  • The reasons to study abroad
  • Why a lot of students from around the globe choose to get their MBAs and Ph.D.’s in the US
  • Why it is beneficial to speak more than one language
  • What foreign languages are in demand among US students
  • Would students perform better if there were no grading system
  • Why it is advantageous to work in study groups
  • Environmental problems concern each one of us
  • Why we have to protect endangered species
  • Will our generation be able to travel in space?

Argumentative essay: Funny topic examples

Some courses allow a student to choose a funny topic to make the education process less stressful and let you reveal your academic writing skills from a new angle. Don't get deluded that there is no need to be serious about your task if the topic is amusing. You have to follow all the guidelines for a proper argumentative essay and, which is even harder, make your audience smile. Below, we have collected some topic examples for you:

  • Will we ever stop watching funny cats on YouTube?
  • Pranks as a new art: Tendencies and rules of the genre
  • What would happen to our hometown if we put dogs in the position of power
  • Why are grownups afraid of clowns?
  • Imitating the working process: Is it in any way beneficial?
  • The worst jobs for teen adults
  • Why we hate our names
  • Bailing on a date with no hard feelings
  • Why do we annoy our parents so much?
  • How to lie without getting caught
  • What superhero could rule our country
  • People who would benefit from plugging a controlling chip in their brain
  • Overprotective parents and how to deal with it
  • The Simpsons’ prototypes in real life
  • What we can learn from sloths’ attitude

Argumentative essay topics for 6th-grade students

As we have said, it is harder for a younger learner to choose a good topic for an argumentative essay. This is apparently because of the lack of life experience. On the other hand, the imagination is so active at this age that it can be used as an advantage. Not to get lost in the multitude of options, you can turn to the following list of appropriate topics:

  • Why everybody in the world should have the right to education
  • How important it is to keep fit
  • Pros and cons of our grading system
  • Is there a universal diet for every person?
  • Drinking enough water makes us better students
  • The connection between attention and healthy sleep
  • Professional sports from an early age: Is it worth it?
  • Who should control the level of violence in online games?
  • How we may use mobile phones and tablets at school without a negative effect on our performance
  • How globalization affects teens’ lives
  • Medical assistance must be free for everyone
  • How we can be kinder to people surrounding us
  • A student's working day can be more productive
  • ‘Blue light' before sleep is hazardous
  • We can get better grades without studying days and nights

Argumentative topic samples: Social media

Initially, social media were used to find and communicate with people one already knows. Today, this is the world on new possibilities, exciting acquaintances, and sharing any information with the world. It is fascinating and, at the same time, dangerous, - just like the real world is. So, no wonder that we want to explore it from different angles and students might research it in their essays. There are some good topic examples for you to consider:

  • How our education can benefit from social media
  • Why are people so addicted to social networks?
  • Friends on Facebook: Imaginary or real?
  • Should the government monitor our likes and dislikes?
  • Can we rely on ‘tips’ and ‘how-to’s’ we read on social media
  • The phenomenon of online challenges: Motivation or the need of praise?
  • At what age children should start their accounts
  • How social media influence one's family life?
  • Online pranks and their consequences
  • Does the negativity we face online make us stronger in real life?
  • Controlling and censoring social media: Is it a violation of human rights?
  • Some striking misbelieves about social media
  • Why do different people prefer different types of social media?
  • Memes with real people: Can we use real photos for fun?
  • Should bloggers tackle controversy in their blogs' comment sections?

Argumentative topic samples on Technology

Technology may be considered the blessing by some people or a potential danger by others. But everyone will agree, - it will not go anywhere. We can't turn back time (now, at least), so we will see it developing. We will also see and experience new results of our past attempts and learn to live with them trying not to destroy the planet on which we live. The more we know about technology, the better equipped we are to continue the technical progress without endangering ourselves. So, you will definitely be assigned to write an argumentative essay about such issues. Check out some examples of what to write about:

  • Falling prey to modern technology and how to escape that
  • How do technological advances influence our self-esteem?
  • The ways to increase creativity using technology
  • The illusion of the crowd: How lonely we get because of overusing technology?
  • Buying new gadgets is not a personal achievement
  • What happens if we can’t develop technology any further?
  • The smart ways of using technology in everyday life
  • Can a computer treat a human mind like a therapist?
  • Does Siri make jokes on her own?
  • Will computers see the word ‘artificial’ as the non-inclusive language in the future?
  • Healthy habits reducing the adverse effects of technology on our body
  • How to improve your time-management with technology
  • How to deal with too much information we get daily
  • Smart homes and how much we need them?
  • How to introduce technology to kids gradually and with no harm

The best topics for an argumentative essay about Family

Though family-related issues often arise in various classroom discussions, not all students know how to pick an exciting argumentative essay topic to investigate it.

  • Can adopted children be genuinely happy in new families?
  • Why parents should never discipline their kids physically
  • A stay-at-home mom’s life: Pros and cons for children
  • Single parenting and how to make it work
  • Should children communicate with their convicted family members convicted?
  • Can the government decide what is better for children from troubled homes?
  • What indicates that parents give too much attention to their child?
  • Which life circumstances influence what parents we will make
  • ‘Peer bullying’ among parents: Why some need to be the best
  • Why do children suffer from their parents’ competition?
  • Parental control over internet usage: When is it time to stop?
  • How does the family suffer if they spend too much time in front of a TV?
  • What is the quality time and does it make the relation on the family warmer?
  • Why it is imperative to read to children
  • How to alleviate conflicts between siblings

Argumentative essay topics on ethical issues

Ethical issues put the society in dilemmas. Some of them are more relevant to those living in certain regions. Others are acute to all humanity. They can hardly find a universal and eternal solution. But people should consider for themselves what point of view they would adopt:

  • Should therapists and priests keep in secret everything they hear from patients and parishioners if this information is potentially dangerous for society?
  • What a doctor should do if the patient rejects the necessary treatment
  • Racial quotas at the workplace
  • Why possessing a gun is a huge responsibility
  • Should parents protect kids from harsh reality hiding the truth about deaths or crime in the family?
  • Can we name the names of sex offenders in public?
  • Do parents need to know what their kids’ teachers do in their spare time?
  • How should society treat addicts?
  • What would happen if all drugs got legalized on the same day?
  • Is hunting and fishing for fun still acceptable in the modern world?
  • The motivation of students pointing at group mates who cheated
  • What to do when your best friends can’t get along any more
  • Why there shouldn’t be any cigarettes and alcohol advertising
  • What makes people give up their pets
  • Being polite and being kind to others: What is the difference?

Argumentative essay topics on Economics

The role of the economy can hardly be exaggerated. We all hear news about it daily and draw our conclusions. Because of so much attention, an argumentative essay on Economics must have a captivating thesis, - no matter whether it is your major or not. You can choose one of the topics from the list that follows:

  • Socialism and its manifestation in a country's economy
  • Advantages and fallbacks of capitalism as an economic system
  • The main appeal of communism that made nations struggle for it and can it come true
  • Buying shares: Investing or speculation
  • Should students invest money in their friends’ startups?
  • Why do developing countries export goods their people need?
  • Why the US imports goods it could produce on its own
  • Downsides of an export-oriented economy
  • The latest examples of economic recession: The lessons we learned in 2008
  • Who is responsible for the 2008 downturn in the economy
  • The impact of Franklin D. Roosevelt’ New Deal on the outcomes of the Great Depression
  • What steps can developing countries take to strengthen their economies?
  • The free-trade principles and how various countries realize them
  • Do corporations shape the US economy?
  • What are the defining factors of economic growth?

Health and healthcare argumentative essay topic samples

These are not just topics about a healthy lifestyle, although you can make a point of it, too. A person's health is the most valuable things in the world, and the system created to preserve it is of great importance. Thus, there are plenty of topics to choose from in this section:

  • Is free healthcare for everyone possible in this country?
  • Why some pharmaceutical companies still perform experiments on animals?
  • What should we do with the data gained by Nazis from experiments on humans?
  • Private healthcare system: Pros and cons
  • What makes a nation younger or older than others
  • Why an increasing number of countries makes the information about people with HIV/AIDs publicly accessible
  • Addiction to alcohol as a disease: Prevention and treatment
  • How does society influence an individual’s health today?
  • A typical working day in the US and how it affects an employee’s mind and body
  • How important is it to stay hydrated all day long?
  • Should we go through executive checkups every year?
  • How the internet can help us to be healthier
  • Placebo effect and how we experience it in everyday life
  • Can students of today's schools maintain their eyesight?
  • Why some types of food intolerance are more common in the USA than in other countries

Captivating argumentative essay topics on Education

Essay topics about education are seen by students differently. Some want to know more about the very process, and others don't. Besides, there are many policies, approaches, methods, and tools a student should know about, too. Anyway, the education system might be an excellent subject for your argumentative essay in case you choose the topics that matter. Here are great examples:

  • Do schools have the right to reject children with special needs?
  • Can one’s graduation depend on the results of standardized tests?
  • Do initiatives like Common Core have a positive impact on our system of education?
  • Does the government have to be in charge of the curriculum in all schools?
  • The academic purpose of athletics
  • Downsides of a classical approach to education
  • The innovative methodology in today’s public schools
  • Should parents be involved in their children’s learning process?
  • The basics of relationships between a teacher and students
  • Motivating students to learn foreign languages
  • How do social media articles about studying influence a student' attitude toward education?
  • How do elite schools impact society?
  • Pros and cons of homeschooling
  • Does handwriting improve the process in our brain?
  • How to read effectively

Cinema, music, and art: Good argumentative essay topics

Art is our heritage and the manifestation of the way we think. It reflects everything taking place in this world. Additionally, it shows what people want, seek, fear, and even despise. You will definitely find one of the topics below perfect for revealing in an argumentative essay.

  • Can an unknown artist achieve financial success?
  • Why there are so many new musical genres that appear on the daily?
  • The purposes of noise music as a genre
  • Is cinema an art or a business today?
  • Does one need a degree to become an artist?
  • What is the central imagery used in ballet?
  • Why shouldn’t we take everything they say in movies literally?
  • The most notable messages of today's pop music
  • Will modern song lyrics be studied at school the way we study Shakespeare's sonnets?
  • Is there any age rate for modern songs?
  • What makes a good movie: The plot, characters, or visual effects?
  • Can any art be objective?
  • Photography: Can Instagram bloggers be called artists?
  • Why does an increasing number of westerners get so keen on K-pop?
  • What elements of art do computer games have?

Smart tips for coming up with a topic

Whether you like our topics as they are or want to alter them for your essay, you'll have to find something entirely fresh at some point in your studies. Be sure to use the tips below, and you will never face any difficulties in this aspect:

  • Select a problem interesting to the broad audience. But be super attentive and think of your audience (i.e., your teacher and fellow students) first.
  • Study an issue that goes beyond some general knowledge and researching which will be informative for your readers.
  • Estimate who will agree and disagree with your viewpoint.
  • Try to write about something that concerns everyone.
  • It’s perfect if you are keen on the topic! But even if you are, don’t exaggerate its importance
  • Avoid cliché topics. At least, add some dimension.
  • It seems easier to write about some universal truth. Note that axioms don’t need arguments, so you can’t build an argumentative essay on them.
  • Good topics for an argumentative essay may concern the most controversial issues, like politics. On the other hand, every sphere of human life has something to argue about – from the educational system to our attitude to pets.
  • You should be very attentive when you reveal the topics that might be offensive to other people. GRAPES topic are the best examples. It stands for guns, race, abortion, politics, ethnicity, and sexuality. It doesn't mean that you can't express your opinion on these issues, but being respectful is a must. The point is that even if your teacher agrees with you, they might lower your grade because you have been too harsh in your judgments.
  • As soon as you get graded by a person who has their own worldviews, don't overuse ‘you.' Try not to impose your opinion on your teacher in particular. Instead, use ‘we' to prove your point.

How to organize your work on an argumentative essay

Creating an argumentative essay, as well as another piece of academic writing, should include the following stages:

  • researching the problem under consideration,
  • sorting out the information you will use in your work,
  • selecting reliable academic sources,
  • creating a draft,
  • writing the argumentative essay by perfecting your draft,
  • proofreading and editing,
  • and rereading your final paper for several times.

Argumentative essays may be formatted in various styles. Don't forget to check with the requirements you get from your teacher. Though, the most common style for such papers is APA. The APA guidelines can be easily found online. But mind that some of these instructions might be composed superficially, just for the sake of content. Don't trust shallow how-to's. Instead, turn to dependable guides.

An argumentative essay might be difficult for those who feel a need to be supportive and tolerant for ethical reasons. It's true that you have to choose a point of view and prove it, even if you know that a lot of people would disagree with you. But it in no way means that you have to be rude, oppressive, disrespectful, chauvinist, etc. If you genuinely believe in what you say, try to avoid blaming the opponents of anything. On the other hand, you might be assigned to reveal a point of which you don't have much personal judgment. In such a case, choose the opinion that is closer to you and keep in mind that there are good arguments against it.

Thinking that no one is going to read your work is very discouraging. Indeed, teachers often pay more attention to the introduction and conclusion. But it doesn't mean they don't read the rest of the paper at all. Besides, your argumentative essay might be presented in front of the whole group as an example of good work. Thus, you should do your best and make a positive impression on your potential listeners even if they mightn't support your ideas. Be consistent and logical. Never try to offend anybody, and stick to your point. There is no task to change people's behavior right now with this paper. Instead, you should merely provide valuable evidence to your thesis.

The argumentative essay structure

An argumentative essay may have a different number of paragraphs. But the most favorable structure would include five: an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Your introduction should consist of a hook, like an amusing or surprising fact, and a thesis statement. The latter is what you are going to argue in your essay. Be very thorough in wording this part because your whole work will have to prove it.

Each body paragraph of this essay type is a separate argument aimed at supporting your thesis statement. They all start with a topic sentence. Then, you proceed with providing some facts, statistics, and evidence.

The last paragraph is the hardest part of an essay. Putting together a conclusion doesn't just boil down to repeating what you have already said, although you start it by rephrasing your thesis. But even this is not that easy: you have to say the same but in the light of what your research has led you to. Further, summarize your main arguments. And, last but not least, explain the consequences of what would happen if this problem will be ignored, call to action, or reveal the perspectives of further research.

To conclude

Writing an argumentative essay is an essential set of skills. You should focus on the structure and the aim of your work. But once you choose the topic that matters, you will see that everything is possible.

Remember that you can always turn to a writer service if you lack time or skill at the moment. A professionally written paper will not just bring you a high grade but also make a perfect example for your future papers.

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