Argumentative Essay Examples

How should you approach writing a good argumentative essay?

Whether you're writing the essay for school, work, or just for fun, the purpose of an argumentative essay is to convince the one reading, that your standpoint on a given issue is the best possible choice. Most people tend to end up with weak arguments for the sole reason that they do not understand how to make an argument compelling. First of all, the tone you use must be professional, and using it you must state not only your perspective on the subject but also refuse the other points of view with the aid of credible facts. If your argument lacks facts, it can have the exact opposite effect on your readers and push them towards the points you are trying to disprove, and this will render your essay useless. We will use examples of argumentative essays to aid you in understanding what the proper approach to writing one is.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

At its core, the argumentative essay consists of a persuasive essay with which you will attempt to convince the reader to rally around your argument and switch sides. Facts are essential in order to back up your point of view and aid the readers into drawing their own conclusions and making connections with the purpose of backing up your argument. A debatable topic must be your first course of action, and it needs to have a few somewhat strong sides to make a good topic. If you come up with a one-sided argument, then you should discard it. The way you approach the topic is to gather, generate, and verify credible sources in order to validate your evidence. Every argumentative essay must consist of four parts to create the body of the composition. The compelling argument, your stance regarding the subject, evidence that supports the said claims, and a relevant and as straight as possible counter-argument. We provide examples of such argumentative so that you can visualize what one looks like.


Selecting a debatable topic is essential for an argumentative essay. If the topic cannot be debated, then you will need to pick a different argument. A list of popular essay topics you can online. However, we suggest that you take the time and find your own topic. Check out news outlets, newspapers, and TV and find ongoing debates. Keep in mind that when it comes to television, the debates tend not to have their sources checked. So to craft a strong argumentation, you will need to double-check at all times and find out if there are enough raw data and information that backs up your viewpoint.

Your Stance

Of utmost importance, aside from choosing the topic is the fact that you will need to stay on point argument-wise. Once again, you need to stick to your viewpoint. Most students get tempted to address various viewpoints and give out facts that back up their claims for each in part. The problem that can occur from this strategy is that you will send mixed signals to your audience which will remove your credibility as it makes it appear that even you do not know what stance you have adopted, and this makes for a weaker overall viewpoint. A way to circumvent this issue is to select a stance that is stronger or has more information backing it towards one side. It will become easier to stay on track if you encounter and you can provide more credible information about a given side of the argument. Check out the argumentative essay example below.


What makes most students hit a dead end is gathering the evidence that backs up their claims. The argument has to be fact-based, or it will lack convincing elements. Keeping up with the latest information and obtaining from a verified and credible source is a good way to make sure that the persuasive element of your essay will be on point. You should include references at the bottom of the essay, and the APA or MLA format are preferred. Wikipedia, various forums and websites where people get their questions answered, cannot be considered a valid source. The information there consists of opinions rather than facts.

Counter argument

You do not only have the task of finding arguments to back up your arguments, but you will also have to figure out what the other sides arguments can be in order to refute them better. If you want to paint your side as the winning one, you will have to spend extra time and effort to acquire the most accurate information available that suits your claim. This will boost your credibility over the others. The apter you are at countering the opposite side, your chances at convincing the reasons are also improved, and they will be more willing to side with you and agree.

Your opponent will not be happy when you will challenge their viewpoint, but your essay will become far more convincing to your reader if you can include three to four strong points to back up your claim. You have to acknowledge the opposition's view, but when you want to refute their position, you must always include statistics, quotes, and logic. The more statistics you can include in your paper, the stronger it gets. It comes as no surprise that you will have to dedicate quite some time to this part of the essay. You have to gather all the relevant information available and compile it. Also, if you get a little creative, you can find loopholes in the opposition's point of view. This makes the research process more comfortable, but it is a double-edged sword.


A strong thesis must be the ending piece for your writing. The purpose is to let your audience know that you had a plan, and you kept on track with it. If the conclusion you craft is well balanced, it can summarize the data you have provided in the article, and it can be used as a last resort to turn them and make them join your side. You will have to make sure that your argument is well displayed here and that you eliminate the other arguments at this point.

Two examples of argumentative essays

Argumentative essays can prove tricky to write, and you need to know what you are trying to do. The most notable flaw that occurs in argumentative essays is that students get the wrong idea, and they focus all their resources on trying to persuade the reader to our side by pointing out that they are wrong. What you need to do is to share with the readers and let them consider both options. Below you will find two examples of argumentative essays to assist you at writing your own. The first example is on the fast-food industry and the fact that a warning sign should be included when one consumes fast food and the other topic tackles the concept of having students change to electronic textbooks while attending class. You can use it as a guideline when later writing your own essay.


Once you are done with the essay, it is a bad idea just to let it sit and gather dust. Instead, the writer has to revisit the body of work and check for any grammatical errors or to see if any typos were made. On topics that are evolving, it is a good idea to revisit the body of work whenever new information comes to light on the given subject. This means that you should have the topic in the back of your head, and whenever you encounter any new information that pertains to your topic, you need to read up on it. If anything relevant appears, you should revisit your essay and make the necessary changes.

Argumentative Essay Example #1

Should fast food come with a warning like drugs?

Fast food is readily available anywhere and at any time. We are creating more and more fast food shops worldwide, and if you look at your balcony, you can probably spot one shop right now. When it comes to accessibility, fast food trumps all other sources of food; it has also become popular as an alternative to the traditional dinner. At work, people operating in business are forced to order fast food for lunch and dinner, and most of the time they opt for fast food joints that have a drive-through. The fast-food industry is making use of chemicals to preserve their products better, and sadly, these are not exactly healthy for a human being - especially if on a regular basis. So how come we let the fast-food industry get away with hiding the chemicals they use and not even displaying the ingredients added to their products. Also, why do we not see a list of side effects that come with eating the said product?

The biggest problem is that fast food products aren't healthy. In healthy foods, you cannot find most of the ingredients that the fast-food industry uses, and the body is not affected the same way. Healthy foods originate from wholesome ingredients and do not include preservatives, pesticides or human growth hormones. We are all aware that some of the ingredients are not exactly healthy, but we fail to read the ingredients on the items we order entirely. And even if we actually read up all the ingredients, sadly, most become not capable of figuring out just how much harm it is doing to us.

Do you agree that fast food should have a warning attached just like any other product purchased? You really need to know exactly what reactions will happen in your body, and you have the right to know that. It should be visible, and not a company secret like it is at the moment. If people understand what the food does to their bodies, they will be capable of making the correct choice when it comes to buying said product or choosing a healthier one.

Documentaries about McDonald's you most likely noticed what fast food does to your body if consumed for long-term.No harm will come if the food is consumed seldom, but some people eat fast food daily. That does not make for a healthy lifestyle and will end up causing damage to your body in the long run due to the chemicals that are slowly getting inside your body with every single meal.

However, many people do not want to know what exactly is inside their food. Everyone should have the option to see how the product will affect their bodies. Similar to the pharma industry that has labels attached to their pills or comparable to workout equipment and supplements. They let you know what can happen when you are taking overusing or what side effects might occur. Why would we not have that apply for fast food? If some people refuse to have the curiosity to know what they are doing with their bodies, it does not mean that the rest shouldn't have access to a sticker with information.

Everyone is in their right to know what our food contains. They deserve to know the effects it will have on their bodies and minds. People think fast food only affects calorie intake - that is not the only thing they do. Fast food will interact with someone's brain, their psyche, and their body. And this is why we strongly believe that labels that offer a warning should be included with every fast food meal.

Argumentative essay example #2

Should schools switch to electronic textbooks in order to save money and paper?

Textbooks are acquired by students mostly from Amazon or on some other website that has textbooks available for online purchase. Textbooks contain some hundred pages filled with information, and all of it is available on paper. The first issued posed by this consists of cost as many pieces of paper go into making a book, and the second issue is posed by the cost of said pages. What would you rather use? Would you go for the online textbook or one printed on paper?

The problems stem from the fact that it takes so many papers just to complete one textbook. There are somewhere between 50 to 100 students in one class. If we were to average the textbook to 350 pages, this quickly becomes damaging to the environment and with a hefty cost. Some students have learned by experience that if you were to purchase a textbook online through various websites, you only have to pay half the price that you would pay for a real-life book.

We strongly consider that all textbooks should be available as electronic textbooks. This will not only reduce costs for every single student, but it will also eliminate waste because far less paper will be used. The only problem with this strategy comes from the professors themselves that refuse to allow students to use online textbooks in their classes. This action is unfair and only damaging to the student and to the environment. What is your stance on this issue? Are you pro textbooks or would you rather see more electronic textbooks?

Every textbook sold in stores means essentially the waste of 600 pages. The lifespan of a textbook is one year since they are always upgraded. The old books just end up being recycled, however, if we were to adopt electronic textbooks that would be equal to almost zero waste and a lower price. So, what is holding us back from switching? With electronic textbooks, you get access instantly to the same information, and it has a few useful functions like highlight, search, and bookmark.

Some institutions are getting behind the normal textbooks as a way to move forward. The main reason is the fact that the college income is based on book sales. So it makes perfect sense that they do not want to put an end to such practices. However, since times are changing and a change in their point of view has to come, and they need to reach the conclusion that electronic textbooks are the way to go. They might make less money, but money can be saved on shipping, printing or keeping them as stock. Just picture how much it costs to have all textbooks shipped and kept up to date with the information needed for a student to graduate.

In conclusion, the electronic book is better options from a learning standpoint. Causing no damage to the environment. Much much cheaper than your average traditional book. It's all the benefits only with faster access to information.


If the topic is readily available, if you own a strong stance topic-wise, if you have the evidence that backs up your claims, and are ready to refute any viewpoint your opponent might have, then you will be capable of writing a solid argumentative essay. Keep in mind to go for a strong thesis, that has an introduction, the four body sections, and a conclusion. If you use our examples to guide you in the process of writing your essay, success is guaranteed for your argumentative essay. Remember, all claims must be backed up with facts from reputable sources as it makes your argument appear much stronger. If you encounter, any issues do give our essay examples another read.

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